Marriage 2010 style

j0422233 A recent study released by the Pew Research Center finds that there’s been an economic shift in “traditional” marriage.  Women are now more likely to marry men who have lower education and income levels than they do. For the first time ever among individuals 44 years of age and younger, more women than men have college degrees. Add to that the drop in gender discrimination and the fact that women’s wages have risen in recent decades while men’s have remained stagnant, and it seems as though these findings were inevitable. The study also reports that women with higher levels of education are more likely to get married than women with less education.

In a 1967 poll, two-thirds of women said that they’d consider marrying a man they didn’t love if the men had good earnings potential. Today, 87% of women say that it’s more important to have a man who communicates well, can be intimate and will share the housework.

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WAF’s Friday Finds

Friday Finds spotlights stuff we like. From fellow women bloggers, to great deals, to books and businesses, this the stuff we like this week…

The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker – The Women at Forty Project is fascinated by the lives of women all over the world. We recently came across this site while surfing the web. The author blogs about the “everyday life of an urban Indian homemaker and her reactions to what’s happening in the world around her.” She speaks out against violence and intolerance, and against the use of tradition, culture and religion to justify certain behaviors. Read more about this fascinating homemaker from India on her blog, The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker.

The Gluten-Free Goddess – While not all of us have gluten and wheat allergies, as we get closer to 40, many of us are experiencing some, let’s say, new digestive sensations. Once able to tolerate gluten and dairy, I now find that eating either has me feeling crummy all day. Her recipes are also vegan for those pursuing a completely animal free diet.

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Corn-ered: Confessions of a compulsive overeater

j0444116 Last night I ate an entire bag of corn. Not popcorn. No, it was one of those steamable 12oz. bags of corn. You might be thinking, “a bag of corn is not so bad.” But the true culprit here is not really what I ate, it’s whatever emotion I was feeling – or not feeling – at the moment that drove me to eat an entire bag of anything, despite not really wanting to.

If I was being completely honest with myself before “Corngate” last night, I’d have admitted that I was anxious about several things – finances, my health, the future, the suffering in Haiti and the rest of the world, how they’ll end LOST over on ABC. You name it, and there’s a small segment of my brain dedicated to thinking about it, or in last night’s case, not thinking about it. And while on a practical level I know that scarfing down an entire bag of steamed corn will not save even one Haitian life, in the moment, eating the corn, or the pasta, or whatever form my escape takes on that day, seems much easier than dealing with the issues that are heavy on my heart.

I’ve always been sort of a “fixer.” I hurt when other people hurt, I cry when they cry. And these past few weeks in particular I feel helpless to do anything about the suffering and pain I see around me. And as a life-long believer in a loving God, in times like these I question what exactly is going on with Him, and my inability to provide answers. That emotion snowballs into questioning my own life and decisions and I start to feel cornered. Continue reading Corn-ered: Confessions of a compulsive overeater

5 Super Foods we should be eating

I finally went to the eye doctor last week. After years of bragging about not needing glasses, reality and my 40th year caught up with me and as I pecked out a post, squinting and grimacing at the screen I finally relented and made an appointment with an eye doctor.  Like it or not, our bodies are aging and some of my over 40 friends are telling me it’s best to get on top of things now because after 40 it just gets that much harder. Even if they hadn’t told me, the creaks and groans I feel and hear in my body are signs enough. Enter Super Foods.

Super Foods are foods which are so nutrient-rich that they can help fight aging and illness. For years experts have touted the benefits of super foods for helping to prevent wrinkles, memory loss, vision problems, thinning hair and more.  From heart disease preventing salmon to bone building broccoli, super foods have more “bang for their buck” than your typical fare. If you’re anything like me, you might be struggling with weight and how much to eat. And while that can be a life-long battle, incorporating at least some of these super foods into your diet can be an easy way to help improve your health and well being, one bite at a time. Continue reading 5 Super Foods we should be eating

The timeless and dangerous pursuit of “perfection”

HEIDI-MONTAG-PLASTIC-SURGERY-PHOTOS-horizontal There are so many reasons Heidi Montag’s recent marathon 10-hour plastic surgery has us slack jawed and saddened, we hardly know where to start. We feel bad for the c-list reality show celebrity and female half of  Spencer Pratt “Speidi” phenomenon, particularly because before this latest event, we paid very little attention to her.  For those of you still paying little attention to her, in November, the 23 year old underwent a 10-hour plastic surgery session that included among other things: