Funny How Time Flies

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prom pic edit Yup, that’s me decked out in peach satin and lace on my way to the 1987 Teaneck High School prom. I’ve blurred my date’s face to protect the not so innocent. The theme song was Janet Jackson’s “Funny How Time Flies” and at the time I didn’t realize how significant those words would be more than 20 years later.

Looking at that picture, the first thought I have is “look how small I was!” Back then though, you couldn’t have convinced me that I wasn’t anything but fat. I think I also looked happy and hopeful. I’d just graduated from high school and was on my way to Rutgers University in the fall and ready (or so I thought) for all that life had to offer.

For me the prom was a time to play dress up – to wear the heels and makeup I never wore in high school and to begin to fill the shoes of the adult I’d one day become. The fitted peach, satin ensemble was designed and hand sewn by a very talented aunt and I thought it would never go out of style. Boy was I wrong.

Speaking of wrong, looking back at the fashion of the 80’s, a lot of what we wore was just plain wrong. From the big hair to the Jheri curls, oversized block print tees to the color coordinated Lee jean ensembles, the 80’s were, let’s just say, a colorful decade. Later on this week I’ll show you just how colorful it really was.

I’ve also decided to embrace my prom picture in all its peach-lace glory and am now boldly using it as my Facebook profile picture. If you’re bad enough (as in 80’s Michal Jackson Bad), I encourage you to do the same. Go ahead, show us what you were working with back then, big hair, big shoulders and all.

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