Living In the Present: Pamela Grossman – Part 1

pams headshot off the beach balcony How this WAF Whirly Girl launched a successful business, despite being stricken with a debilitating anxiety disorder.

Last week I wrote about being stronger than our fears. I received quite a few emails and comments over on the Facebook page from other women at forty facing their own unique fears. One wrote about going back to school and being anxious about the 20-year -olds in class alongside her. Another wrote about becoming a mom later in life and being mistaken for her child’s grandmother. For most of us these types of fears boil down to mind over matter. Overcoming them involves having less doubt, a little more faith and a dash of “who cares what you think.”  But what if your fears ran deeper – much deeper? What if there was a clinical reason for the fears that haunted you.

If you’re Pamela Grossman you find a way to live through the fear. In fact, you thrive despite of it. That’s exactly what Pamela did when at 40 she was stricken with debilitating panic attacks that seemingly came out of nowhere. Pamela’s the third woman to be featured as a Women at Forty Whirly Girl, and a couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to talk to her at length about the panic disorder that changed her life, her gift business, In the Present, and how she’s living life in her 40’s… (photo: Pamela Grossman)

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WAF’s Five for Friday – The “Be a…” Edition

peacekeeperFive fab finds we think you’ll like…

1. Be a peacekeeper – PeaceKeeper “cause-metics” is the first cosmetics line to give all of its after-tax, distributable profits to women’s health advocacy and urgent human rights issues. Their ideals include supporting slavery free labor, fair wages and cruelty free products. Their product line includes eco-friendly nail polish remover, lip gloss and lip paint. Check out PeaceKeeper “cause”metics and don’t just look beautiful – do something beautiful too.

2. Be a good tippr – Along the lines of Groupon and Living Social, Tippr consolidates deals and considers itself the new wave of collective buying. Local merchants contract with Tippr to offer great deals on things like boot camp workouts, personalized cosmetics, and haircuts at deep discounts to Tippr subscribers. Continue reading WAF’s Five for Friday – The “Be a…” Edition

Kalin’s Chronicles: Tourism Entrepreneur Flies High

St. Simons Copter Tours 002

Editor’s Note: When Kalin told me she’d met, flown with, and interviewed one of the few female helicopter pilots in the world, I couldn’t wait to read the interview and add it to our new Women at Forty Whirly Girls series. The series highlights women entrepreneurs in their forties who are doing great things on their own terms. It’s fitting then that today’s post features real-life Whirly Girl herself, Angie Griffin...

One of the best ways to see the geography and natural beauty of an island is by taking a helicopter tour. I really enjoyed getting a bird’s eye view of island destinations such as Barbados, Grenada, and The Dominican Republic. I was a bit nervous on my first flight, but since then I’ve never passed up a chance to view an island from the sky. All of my previous flights were with male pilots. But on my most recent tour, I had the honor of flying with Angie Griffin, chief pilot and owner of Dragonfly Copters Tours. She’s one of less than 1,700 female helicopter pilots in the world. (Photo: Angie Griffin) Continue reading Kalin’s Chronicles: Tourism Entrepreneur Flies High

Stronger than our fears

stronger than fear “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.” Ambrose Redmoon

Over the last few weeks I’ve been presented with a few opportunities that seem to be answers to prayers. But as is often the case with me, opportunity never comes alone.  I often invite a heaping dose of  fear along for the ride,  playing the  “What if I can’t do it…What if I’m not good enough…What if it doesn’t work?” script over and over in my head. Although I’ve made strides in the area of fear conquering, this is one area of my life where turning 40 didn’t magically give me super-human, fear busting enlightenment.

Every now and then we need a reminder that there are things much more important than our fears. Here’s a portion of a post I ran several months ago that helped remind me of just that…

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WAF’s Whirly Girl: Liza Figueroa Kravinsky

Liza Figueroa Kravinsky If you caught Monday’s post, you know that I’m starting a regular feature called Woman at Forty’s Whirly Girls. WAF’s Whirly Girls are women in their 40’s who are innovators, risk takers and who’ve chosen the road less traveled. One of the first WAF Whirly Girl’s I had the privilege of interviewing was Liza Figueroa Kravinsky. Liza’s the award winning filmmaker whose documentary, Beauty: In the Eyes of the Beheld, explores the curses and blessings of being beautiful. She’s also President of the video production company Art Palette Productions, a music composer, and actress. (Photo: Liza Figueroa Kravinsky)

I was curious about Liza’s experiences as a filmmaker and entrepreneur, especially after she responded to a question I’d posted on WAF’s Facebook page about being laid off. Having experienced three lay-offs over the course of my career and trying desperately to “rise from the ashes” I was curious as to how other women handled their suddenly-unemployed status. Liza responded that she’d been laid off twice, but that it “always led to something better.” I wanted to hear more. Here’s some of what Liza and I talked about…

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