Lead with your ears

00443495 I’ve been attending a new church for the past several weeks and one of the things I like about it is that the pastor’s messages are really practical. Instead of sermons filled with a litany of “thou shalt nots” his messages are timely, relevant and applicable. This week was no different.

The message was about “duh” moments – you know those occasions (that by the way seem to be happening to me more frequently at 40) like the one where you spend all day looking for your keys – only to find that they’ve been in your pocket all along. Or, in his case, spending hours of precious vacation time searching for the sunglasses that had been on his head the entire time.

If you’re as impatient as I am, in the process of looking for the thing that was always there, you lose your temper, throw in an expletive or two and implore God to help you at least twice (never mind that you just cussed and asked God to help you in the same breath.) “Duh” moments are a complete waste of time, except of course for the lessons we learn from them. And, as pastors are famous for doing, mine related our “duh” moments to the spiritual realm – and reminded us of a lesson we could all stand to hear again.

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Women at Forty’s Essential 40: 40 things we don’t want to do without…

starbucks-coffee A few weeks ago I asked women at forty to share their essentials with the WAF community. An essential is anything you wouldn’t want to enter the next 40 years without. As usual, your responses were great and ranged from pictures of your children to sunscreen to high thread count bed sheets. I got a lot more than 40 so this list will definitely have a sequel, but for today, here’s what women at forty are saying create their essential 40…

    1. My mini flat iron – my hair would stand 2 feet off my head otherwise!
    2. Fiberwig Mascara! Truly water/sweat/oil resistant. Easy 2 wash off, flocking 4thicker lashes!
    3. Sunblock! Get some good sunblock (organic and at least 30) Your skin after 40 (and before) has no business being burned. 🙂
    4. My friends.
    5. The book, “Eat, Pray, Love.” The movie is coming out soon!
    6. Vitiman E oil — it works wonders on your skin!
    7. Any books by Iyanla Vanzant, Wayne Dyer, and Louise Hay.
    8. Two books: “The Artist’s Way” and “Your Money or Your Life.”
    9. Bagged salad – at the end of a busy day it’s a lifesaver.
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