Metabolism Madness and Turning 40

00410155 If you tuned in to The Dr. Oz Show on Monday, it probably confirmed some things you’d already suspected. To use myself as an example, why after months of walking, cutting back on my food consumption, and eating (most of the time) a pretty healthy diet, was I not losing weight? According to Dr. Oz, the answer is simple; After 40 your metabolism decreases 5% every 10 years. And, if like me, you’ve been yo-yo dieting your entire adult life, the news gets even worse. Crash diets, disuse of muscles and a drop in testosterone level all add to the metabolism dive. The drop in testosterone was news to me and the rogue hairs that keep popping up on my face (why couldn’t the testosterone drop do something useful like vanquish those hairs?)  So, what’s a women at 40 to do?

While there are a lot of great things about turning 40, rogue joint poppage, mutinous facial hair and decreased metabolism aren’t any of them. So here are a couple of suggestions for managing the post- 40 metabolism slow down:

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Rachel Moheban: The Top 3 Relationship Communication Tips

00409501 Editor’s note: This Next week I’ll be posting my interview with Women at Forty’s latest Whirly Girl, Rachel Moheban. Rachel’s one of the most sought after psychotherapists in New York City and creator of the website The Relationship Suite. But most exciting for us, she’s agreed to be Women at Forty’s Relationship Expert. More details on that coming up later, but today Rachel’s sharing three simple tips to help improve communication in your relationship.

Top 3 Relationship Communication Tips

We’re always told how important good communication is to make a relationship work, but what does this really mean? On the surface, it seems straightforward and logical, right? So you and your partner need to talk and express your feelings….to be open, direct and honest.

Easier said than done! Add human emotion, different backgrounds/personalities and personal limitations into the mix, and many couples are left feeling conflicted and helpless. Good communication does not usually come naturally in a long-term relationship, and both partners need to work on getting their communication momentum right to achieve a harmonious relationship.

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WAF’s Five for Friday – The Free “Happy Birthday to you” Edition

coldstone This month Women at Forty celebrated its first birthday, so I thought it would be fitting to do a special birthday edition of Five for Friday. And since “Free” is my favorite four-letter word, here are five freebies to have fun with on your birthday…

1. Cold Stone Creamery – After a hot 40th birthday bash, cool down with a free birthday treat from Cold Stone Creamery. Register for their Birthday Club and they’ll email a coupon redeemable at your favorite Cold Stone location.

2. Caribou Coffee –  Join the Caribou Coffee club and a few days before your birthday they’ll send you a coupon for a free beverage at any one of their locations. Click here to find the Caribou closest to you.

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Embarrassing Confessions: I like Twilight

Twilight Saga Collection I’m not talking about the time of day immediately following sunset – although I’m a fan of that too. I’m talking about the hugely popular teen-vampire-werewolf romance novel series that’s taken over the world. There’s more. I’ve read all 4 books in the series, seen all 3 movies, and enjoyed them all. There. I said it. Yes, I really am 40 years old. No, I don’t have any teenagers in the house. And you know what, as long as I’m confessing, I should also let you know that I’m keeping a close eye on the 2-part movie finale that’s currently in production. Too far? Trust me, my head is hung low and I am sufficiently ashamed. And even though I understand that Stephenie Meyer is no Tolstoy, I’m way “too old” for this, and vampires are not supposed to sparkle – ever – none of that tempers my enthusiasm for the books and the movies. (Image: Twilight Book Series)

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Fit at Forty: A bump in the road

00321118 In case you missed the headlines, a couple of weeks ago I busted up my left knee pretty badly. And while it never actually made the headlines, it should have. It was that painful and important – to me anyway. Thankfully, with a sister who’s an OT and a little R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation), I’m on the road to recovery.

Needless to say the whole incident put a monkey wrench in my plan to be fit at forty. I had finally found a morning rhythm, getting up early and walking anywhere from 2-4 miles daily. I was even at the point where I was, wait for it… enjoying my walks. And then this.

I wish I could say I busted my knee hiking, preparing for a marathon or secretly rendezvousing with my mystery man one night. I wish I could say that’s how it happened. You know what really happened? I got up to take a sheet of paper off the printer *hangs head in shame* That’s it. There was no earthquake while I was reaching for the paper, and my printer didn’t start doing something out of a Transformers movie. I just stood up.

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