Rachel on: A new me at forty

00341738I never really wanted a new me. Sure, the old me has always had flaws; eh—doesn’t everyone? I know some women who have celebrated their fortieth or some other milestone birthday or event by “treating” themselves to a nip here, a tuck there or perhaps an injection or two… It’s not my thing, but then again it’s not my party so I’m not going to waste any time or tears crying about what anyone else is doing.

No, that’s not the new me. The new (just new, not improved) Rachel Dachel still looks and sounds the same as she always has. It’s funny; I still have the same laugh, the same walk, the same cadence to my speech. My clothes fit the same, my hair still loops, twirls and swirls in its same crazy curls. Every freckle on my face is exactly where I remember it being yesterday, last week, last month and for eternity.

I’m still left-handed. Well, yeah, I am pretty much ambidextrous, but just as I always have, I still favor my left hand and enjoy the struggle that is at times a manual can opener. I enjoy the same books, movies and music that I always have and I still drive the same car, go to the same office and have all of the same friends and family that I always have. So in essence, nothing has changed. But simultaneously, EVERYTHING has changed. I don’t know this new woman in my mirror.

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Kalin’s Chronicles: Doing time at the airport

oraoxygenFor those of us who reside in the United States, there’s always the dreaded winter season when it comes to flying. You never know when a snow or ice storm will leave you stranded for hours, or even days at the airport. And after jumping through hoops to get onto another flight, all you can do is sit and wait. Or is it?

Instead of stewing and stressing about the situation, I suggest spending your time in a better way – by taking advantage of the airport’s amenities. Today’s airports have more than your typical fast food and magazine shops. They’re becoming mini shopping and entertainment centers. According to the Bureau of Transportation, non-flight spending reached more than $7 billion in 2008. And one of the best new places to spend money is at the airport spa.

U.S. airports offer full spa services including massages, manicures, facials, and even oxygen therapy. A Message Inc. offers 10 to 90-minute massages at Denver International Airport. At Seattle-Tacoma International Airport visit The Massage Bar which offers chair and foot massages, along with 10-minute heat therapy where a warm flaxseed wrap is placed on the neck and shoulders along with a soothing eye pillow. The Message Bar is also located at Nashville International, Pittsburg International, and Washington-Dulles International airports. (photo: Oraoxygen Detroit)

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It’s a different world

Miley and JuneIt really is a different world. I’m not referring to one of my favorite TV shows of all time A Different World, I’m talking about the actual world we live in today. By we I mean women. And specifically, any woman born circa 1970s or earlier. So why am I stating the obvious? It’s really an excuse to share a great story my aunt told me about one of my young cousins.

My cousin accompanied my aunt to a doctor’s appointment. My aunt’s doctor is a man, a fact that completely shocked my five year old cousin. She was shocked to learn that boys can be doctors too. You see her doctor is a woman and a couple of her aunts are nurses. When you think about it, that’s pretty cool.

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Someone for everyone – Part 2: The solution to singleness

no single women allowedLast week I shared a question submitted by a 48 year old reader who was struggling with being single. She asked “Is there really someone out there for everyone?”

I’ve found that the knee jerk reaction of most people, particular those in relationships, is to proclaim, “Of course there is, you just have to…” What follows is usually a list of suggestions that involve some magical mixture of self-improvement, compromise, and Zen awareness. Sometimes those people are right. But sometimes even the most enlightened, well meaning, nicest people in the world will be single, whether they want to be or not.

The question got some really great comments over on our Facebook page and I wanted to share some of them with you. To read the comments in their entirety, visit Women at Forty on Facebook(Photo credit: Flickr exfordy)

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WAF’s Five for Friday: The “More Best of the Web” Edition

Paris StayFive fabulous websites I think you’ll love…

1. Whether you’re a travel buff or just want to make your 40th birthday getaway the trip of a lifetime, Stay.com can help.  Simply type in your destination and Stay shows you city highlights, hotel deals, restaurants, night life and much more. Add anything you’re interested in and Stay creates a personalized, printable travel guide. (Photo: Stay.com’s feature Bar De L’Entracte – Paris)

2. Wakerupper works with any phone in the U.S. or Canada and does just what it sounds like it does. Use Wakerupper to remind yourself of important events, birthdays and appointments or call your kids to get on them about their chores. My favorite use for Wakerupper – schedule a call to get out of a bad date! Type in your message and an automated voice calls and delivers it at the time you’ve scheduled.

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