Kalin’s Chronicles: Traveling with Kids

I don’t have children and hardly ever travel with them, so I’m the last person to give you tips on traveling with kids. However, 40-something Lainie Liberti has been traveling with her nearly12 -year-old son non-stop since 2009. They’ve been to nine countries so far, including all of Central America and now find themselves in their first South American country, Colombia. Here are a few of her comments on everything from bathrooms to best memories.


First and foremost, carry your own toilet paper and hand sanitizer. You’ll likely encounter a wide range of ‘bathroom’ options. In the big cities, you’ll find quite civilized potty options, but the one thing you need to get used to is throwing the paper in the bin and not the toilet.

Snack Time

Two words: Peanut butter. If you and your child like the stuff, this is the biggest lifesaver when traveling. There’s nothing more packed with protein and energy. (Photo: Lainie Liberti and her son Miro Sevin Siegel) Continue reading Kalin’s Chronicles: Traveling with Kids

A funny thing happened on the way through 40

MP900442385A funny thing happened on the way through 40 – nothing went the way I planned. Well almost nothing. But considering the previous 20 years, it really shouldn’t have come as a big surprise. One of my favorite quotes is by Joseph Campbell and it’s “We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” So you’d think that by now I’d get it, yet I keep designing these elaborate plans only to have them morph into something they were probably supposed to be anyway.

Let’s see, my plan to grow the biggest-bad-ass-est blog to ever hit the blogosphere (and retire at the age of 40.5 from the tremendous rush of advertisers and sponsorships,) morphed into a nice, quiet little blog which gets pretty good notice, decent traffic and most importantly has a following of phenomenal woman (and men) of all ages, from all over the world. Sweet.

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How we can help bring HOPE to Japan

Japan HopeI’ve been watching the devastation that’s befallen Japan and feel absolutely overwhelmed. What can I do to help, and will my donation even make a dent? And then I was reminded that every single dollar helps and if as many of us help as possible, our dollars will multiply.  And if you’re struggling financially right now there’s one thing that costs nothing but is priceless – prayer. (Image: Hope for Japan)

Here are some ways, in addition to prayer, you can help.

Visit The American Red Cross website to mail, email  or donate $10 via text…

And from The Christian Science Monitor:

  • InterAction: InterAction, an alliance of US-based humanitarian aid organizations, offers an extensive list of major nonprofit groups participating in helping Japan, including a brief description of each. More organizations are being listed as they gear up their responses.
  • UniversalGiving: UniversalGiving, a website that helps people give to and volunteer at top-performing charitable organizations that it has vetted, has created its own Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Fund.
  • Network for Good: At Network for Good donors can choose a particular charity working in Japan or spread their donation across all of them.
  • Japan NGO Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fund: The Japan Center for International Exchange, in partnership with leading Japanese relief organizations, has organized a ‘GiveOne’ fund to ensure money gets to organizations working on the ground over the long-term.
  • For more ways to help, visit The Christian Science Monitor’s website.

    Dating in the Digital Age

    Editor’s Note: She’s wonderfully, happily, blissfully  (did I mention that she’s happy?) married now, but at one time guest blogger and fellow WAF Rachel, tried her hand at dating in the digital age. In this repost from 2009, Rachel shares her experiences, ever present humor and a couple of very important tips about navigating the dating scene in the digital age…

    Technology is an amazing thing. It is common these days to log on and pay bills, complete research and even shop online. Shopping is especially popular and many websites allow you to custom order goods to your own exact specifications, contributing to our society’s demand for instant gratification. The internet is becoming an increasingly popular method for people to meet socially as well. From MySpace to Facebook and Match.com to Yahoo Personals, people are logging on and surfing in record numbers to find like-minded people with whom to connect and hopefully forge some sort of relationship.

    It was with those same hopes that I joined eHarmony and answered a litany of questions surrounding myriad obscure scenarios in the quest to “meet my match.” After all, computers can search through thousands of flights and hotels in mere seconds when I am searching for travel options. While I haven’t actually studied this, I do believe that it is safe to say that despite being a single woman in the New York metropolitan area, I must be less complicated and complex than airline flight patterns, so how hard could it be for software to find my perfect match, n’est ce pas? So I took the plunge and began to excitedly await my “matches” each evening. I marveled at the mere thought of the cutting edge technology that would deliver to my mailbox dozens of suitable suitors who would be compatible with me on twenty-eight different levels! I quickly made a few key observations: Continue reading Dating in the Digital Age

    Let’s make history: Women’s History Month

    Three Guineas Fund Recipient of Global Fund GrantWhile we honor women in history throughout the year, March is officially Women’s History Month. Back in our 20’s, the 40 year old version of us seemed so far away. We thought that by 40 we’d have accomplished all of the things we’d set out to do, and be ready to settle into “old age.” Or so we thought.  Whether 40’s turning out just as you planned, or you’ve still got a long list of things you’d like to accomplish, you’re never too old, or too young, to make history.

    Destined to leave our own mark on history, The Women at Forty Project recognizes and honors the achievements of women, of all ages, around the world. In keeping with that spirit, today we’re spotlighting four women-run organizations that celebrate the power of women. These organizations are changing the world – one child, one person, one issue at a time. They inspire us to want to make our own history. Let them inspire you too… (Image: 3gf, Global Fund for Women grant recipient)

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