Five for Friday Sneak Peek: The Something Good – Earth Day Edition

I’ve missed scouring the internet for Five for Friday features and yesterday I promised that tomorrow (err…today) I’d post a few of the earth friendly/clean living/do more with less websites I’ve grown to love… so here’s a way for me to keep my word and do an all new Five for Friday. If you’re an email subscriber or a Facebook fan, you won’t get this until tomorrow and so you’re probably thinking, “what is she going on about, it is Friday!” But those of you who visit the site straight-no-chaser get to enjoy a preview: Five for Friday: The Something Good Edition…

1. Do Something Good – I love that Cool People Care sends me an email every day.  Each weekday, in 5 minutes of caring, they publish a little 99-word diddy that details one thing we can do to make the world a better place. How cool is that? This morning’s feature –  Eco friendly Easter ideas from free trade chocolate to safe, natural, Easter egg dyes.

2. Eat Something Good – Eco-friendly living isn’t just about the environment, it’s also about our bodies and our health. Over at The Gracious Pantry, Tiffany shares the ups and downs of adopting a clean eating lifestyle all while being a mom and full time student studying nutrition. Her easy to follow recipes and non in-your-face style will have you embracing life-affirming, clean eating habits in no time. Continue reading Five for Friday Sneak Peek: The Something Good – Earth Day Edition

The accidental minimalist

Earth Day 40While minimalism, green living and voluntary simplicity have become catch phrases for many folks who have never had to do without, many of us find ourselves returning to the “minimalism” of our youth. For me it’s been a happy accident.

I grew up in a house where we re-used ziplocks (the no-frills brand to boot), brown bagged it EVERY day and turned off the lights when we weren’t in the room because we wanted had to keep the electricity bill low. My dad watered his garden with gray water and with the week’s leftovers my mom made stir-fry and fried rice dishes that rivaled anything on The Food Network.

Fast forward 30 years and I’m back to doing many of the same things. Unexpected circumstances over the past year has had me operating on a tight budget and reintroduced me to my inner minimalist.

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Kalin’s Chronicles: Spa Etiquette

MP900431114Close your eyes and say “aaahhh” — It’s Spa Week! Time to put in some serious R&R at your favorite spa. Through April 17, spas across the U.S. are offering specials on massages, mani/pedis, facials, and everything in between. So I thought I’d offer some tips on spa etiquette for first-timers, and as a refresher for spa veterans.

Spa Etiquette Tips

  • Arrive at least 20 minutes before your appointment to check-in, change, and relax.
  • Turn off your cell phone, and speak quietly to be considerate of the spa atmosphere.
  • Remove all jewelry – they’ll get in the way, and can be damaged by the oils used.
  • If you’re uncomfortable with nudity, leave your underwear on. A sheet is covering you at all times, and only the parts that are being massaged are exposed.

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