Kalin’s Chronicles: Travel for the Physically Challenged

A former CNN colleague is wheelchair-bound, but doesn’t let that stop her from traveling.  In fact, she even went tandem sky diving – something I am still trying to get the nerve to do.  So as we celebrate National Disabilities Awareness month, let’s look at how the travel industry has been changing to accommodate the physically challenged since the 1990 passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

One of the most accessible destinations in the United States is the capital — Washington, D.C.  The pedestrian-friendly city has very well-established and well-maintained curb cuts for wheelchairs throughout the tourist areas, a very accessible subway system, and the Smithsonian Museum complex has sign interpreters for the hearing impaired.

Even theme parks like Walt Disney World are becoming more and more accessible to travelers with disabilities.  Last year, the first theme park designed specifically for travelers with disabilities opened in San Antonio, Texas.  Morgan’s Wonderland caters to mental and physically challenged tourists, but has rides and attractions for people of all ability levels.  It even has swings that accommodate wheelchairs. Continue reading Kalin’s Chronicles: Travel for the Physically Challenged

Be that kind of woman…

I want to be this woman. I can be this woman – some days. Some years even. But lately, not so much.

But, this inspires me, encourages me, reminds me that I don’t have to try to be that woman. I already am.

So today be that kind of woman. And tomorrow, get up and be her again. And soon you’ll find that you’ve lived your life being that kind of woman.

(Image: Pinterest)

5 Plus 1: Today’s Inspiration List

A few of the thoughts, images and ideas that inspired  me today

Celebrate Every Body


The sounds and silence of Autumn
Giving up something to gain something else never tasted so sweet
Some days big hair makes you feel invincible
74 year-old body builder Ernestine Shepherd
My mom, upon retiring, taking piano lessons. She couldn't afford them as a child and now she can. It's never too late.

“It’s never too late to become the person you were meant to be.”

Aint no half steppin. Well maybe just a little…

Editor’s Note: Big Daddy Kane lyrics aside, we’ve all heard the expression, “one step at a time.”  But what if you feel like you don’t have the time/energy/motivation for even one step?  What about a half-step?  In the latest post on his website Zenhabits, Leo Babauta shares some wisdom on getting unstuck, a challenge so many of us face in our 40s.  He reminds us that sometimes getting unstuck doesn’t require a huge leap. Sometimes all it takes is a tiny half step in the right direction…

The Half Step That Will Change Your Life – by Leo Babauta

You’d be surprised to know how many emails I get where people are stuck in their lives.

They’re broke, or unmotivated, or in a job they hate, or they can’t find their passion, or they can’t get motivated to get healthy.

And they don’t know where to start.

It hurts to read these emails. It brings back to life the pain I lived through not too many years ago, when I too was stuck.

I know the feeling of despair when you are unhappy with your life and don’t know how to change. When you’ve tried lots of changes, but couldn’t find the discipline to make them stick. When you feel crappy about yourself because you know you should get off your butt and start improving your life, but you’d rather put it off for another day.

Problems go away when you ignore them, right?

I also know that there is really only one way out of this mire of despair.

It’s to take an action, no matter how tiny.

You don’t need to fix everything in your life right now. You don’t even need to fix one thing.

You just need to do one little, miniscule, almost nothing thing.

Make a list. Go outside and take a walk. Get rid of some of your junk food. Clear off your kitchen table. Cancel something tomorrow so you can make time to create something, no matter how small.

Don’t do all of these. Do one. Or half of one, or one thousandth. It doesn’t matter how small — the smaller, the better.

Take that first step. Celebrate that first step. Love the step, not the destination. That step, even the motion of taking the first foot off the ground and moving it forward — that’s everything.

That’s the truth, and you’ll not read it in many self-help books: put every microparticle of your existence into that half step, and be nothing but that half step, and love it with all you have … and your life has changed.

With this half step, everything is different. You haven’t achieved any goals … but you’ve moved. You haven’t created something amazing … and yet, more than ever before, you have.

You’ve created beauty and joy and movement where none existed before, where previously only constriction and paralysis and confusion lived. You have changed the world.

The First Habit

Choose one little habit to add joy to your life. Just one, and tiny is miraculous.

It can be writing or painting or making music for 2 minutes a day. It can be a ridiculously easy walk or jog or enjoying a bowl of fruit. It can be 2 minutes of meditation or reflecting in a journal.

Enjoy the hell out of it.

Create this one habit, and you have a success. This is a foundation, a first step, to build on.

Then you can do a second, and a third, but you can’t do those without a first.

Don’t change your entire life. Just change this one little thing.

You’d be amazed how much that matters. I was.

What’s one little thing  you can change in your life today? Will you take that half step?

Read Leo Babaut’s original post on half stepping here.