This just in: As traffic to the site increases and more people visit who are in no way related to me, it occurs to me that I should warn people – I am not a journalist. I did not major in English or journalism in college, and much like my reaction to dairy, on some days I am absolutely grammar intolerant. Although I so know better, there are times I write about unwanted facial “here”  and use the possessive “their” when I mean over “there.” In fact, even as I type I’m questioning the use of quotation marks in the previous sentence.

Sometimes I read professional bloggers (who’ve actually figured out how to get paid to write) and sigh with envy at their perfect syntax, command of the English language and acerbic wit. Then I read some of the comments written by the English whizzes who’ve never been published anywhere – ever – and remember, you can’t please everybody. Be forgiving when you read the posts on this site. Some of it is written by me, a lot is written by women who, like me, aren’t professional writers. It doesn’t make what we have to say any less meaningful.

WomenatForty. com is…

  • About hearing and sharing the things that shape our 40th year.
  • The only place on the web dedicated to women sharing and hearing the stories that shape their 40th year.
  • Phase I of a multi-phase, multi-media project. More to come about that later!

We’re making history here, and we’d like you to be a part of it!

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The editor’s story

About a year ago, It’s now almost two years ago, at 38, I sat – after being laid off for the second time in twice as many years (oh those marketing careers!)– wondering, “what the…am I going to do with my life now?!” 40 was just around the corner and I felt as unstable and as unsettled as I had back in my 20’s – maybe even more so. Single, struggling with a lifetime of weight issues, the loss of a career that I felt I’d just gotten back on track, and with 40 looming ahead like the warning signal of an oncoming freight train, I thought “if you don’t get this right by the time that train gets here, you’re in for a world of hurt.”

OK, so I was a little melodramatic, but melodramatic is what I do. That, and impatience are two of the things I thought I’d have figured out by 40. The truth is, 40 was not shaping up (pun intended) the way I’d planned. In the era of cougars and cubs, naked Jennifer Aniston on GQ, and gorgeous Halle Berry everywhere else, I began wondering if I was the only about-to-be-40 year old woman who wasn’t exactly feeling fabulous about turning 40. Women at Forty is my attempt to find out.

On my own journey to 40, I’ve come a revelation. It’s that I want the next 40 years to belong to me. No obligations to anything or anyone that I do not want with my whole heart. So as senior editor, I plan to explore the lives of women at forty, all over the world, with my whole heart.

grace, senior editor

And here’s all the legal stuff I have to include.

Crib version – I’m just a woman sharing her thoughts and helping other women share theirs.  While doing it, I’m doing my very best to educate, entertain and build a community. Oh, and not do anything illegal. Please try to do the same while you’re here.

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