The Project

There’s something about forty

Turning forty represents so many different things to so many women. We’re infinitely better off than we thought we’d be, or not nearly as far along as we imagined.  We’re happily single or resigned to being that way.  We’re married with kids and wondering how that happened, or traveling the world and wondering how we could have risked missing out on that.  Wherever we are in our lives, at forty, most of us pause to take inventory. We look at where we’ve been, imagine where we’re headed and wonder if forty will be all it’s cracked up to be.

From call centers in India, to fading automobile factories in America, women everywhere are turning forty this year, and they all have a story.   The Women at Forty Project is a groundbreaking endeavor whose goal is to capture the fascinating images and stories of women at forty and share them with the world. For every woman, the story’s different. This project isn’t about telling women how they should be living at forty, its about observing how they actually do.

Phase I of the Project is, the blog designed around a community of women “of a certain age” sharing their truths with one another. As Phase I progresses and our community continues to grow, Phase II will capture these unique stories and images in a photo-essay book(s). Finally, Phase III completes the project with a documentary, where our staff and crew will travel the world documenting the lives of a diverse group of women at, you guessed it, age forty!

There are dozens of magazines and blogs telling women how to live, be and look at forty and beyond.  Women at Forty is the first and only place where we’re listening. Whoever you are, wherever you are, if you’re forty, we want to hear your story.

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