WAF’s Five for Friday – The “Homemade Beauty” Edition

honey and oatmeal As I become more aware of the kinds of harsh chemicals and mystery ingredients in today’s food and beauty products I’m turning into a modern day kitchen magician, whipping up concoctions at home and road testing on semi-willing family members. In the skin and hair department I’ve created my own deep conditioners, face masks and facial scrubs with varying degrees of success.  I have no desire to become the next Carol’s Daughter (and she can relax, because it’ll never happen) but the idea that Propylene Glycol, which is used in brake fluid, is also used in my face cream, creeps me out.  So, here are five quick, easy, all-natural (brake fluid free) beauty treatments you can make at home.

1. Honey & Oatmeal Mask – The benefits of oatmeal have been touted for years, but did you know that it also makes for a great facial? Best applied at night, this oatmeal and honey mask is safe for almost all skin types.  Mix ½ cup fast cooking oatmeal and ½ cup water and cook. Let the oatmeal cool about 5-7 minutes, then add ¼ cup honey.  Mix well into a paste.  Apply this ‘mask’ to cleansed skin, and let dry. Rinse after about 15 minutes. I found this recipe at Diva Village, click here for more great info from their site.

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The best of the best Five for Friday ever…

skin organic Until next week anyway. I admit it, I love all the Five for Friday’s – probably because I’ve tried most of the products and sites I feature each week. But this week in honor of Women at Forty reaching its year milestone, I’m highlighting the best of the best. Five of my favorite Five for Friday posts… (Image: Real Organic Skin Line)

1. The Women Blogger’s Rock Edition – Blogging aint easy, I should know. But these fellow female bloggers make it look easy. From a site for curly girls to an organizing buff’s dream site, these five women bloggers are worth checking out. Let’s share the love. *Since I first ran that post back in May, I’ve found quite a few more women bloggers I admire, Minka over at Aural Notes being just one. Watch for a Women Blogger’s Rock – Part II coming soon!

2. The Earth Day Edition – Technically it was “The day after Earth Day Edition” since Earth Day fell on a Thursday this year. But never mind, the Earth Day finds are awesome, no matter what day of the year. A one-stop green marketplace makes green living easier, RealOrganicSkin offers a line of, you guessed it, real organic skin care products and Gap Adventures offer adventure seeking travelers authentic, sustainable travel experiences. Check out the post for site links and more great finds. Continue reading The best of the best Five for Friday ever…

Women at Forty Reviews “Striking Skin Care” – Part 2

Editor’s Note: On Tuesday, Kim gave The Striking Skin Care line of products a thumbs up, today Rachel gives us her take and sheds some light on what the line did for her skin. Continue reading Women at Forty Reviews “Striking Skin Care” – Part 2

Women at Forty reviews “Striking Skin Care”

Striking Skin Care System Editors Note: On Women at Forty, we talk about what’s beautiful on the inside as much as we talk about the outside. But as beautiful as we may feel on the inside, we’ve all had that conversation in front of the mirror where we wondered “what’s up with that?” So, when we got an email from Kelly with Striking Skin Care, asking if we’d like to try their line of products for women 40 and over, we said “we’d love to!”

To get different points of view, we recruited two of Women at Forty’s contributors, Kim and Rachel, shipped them the Striking Skin Care System and asked them to give us their honest opinion – Love it or leave it?  Today, Kim shares her take on the product line, and on Thursday you’ll read Rachel’s point of view. Continue reading Women at Forty reviews “Striking Skin Care”