Five for Friday – The Free, or Almost Free, Edition

Most everyone I know is on a budget these days, so a little bit of free goes a long way. Today five free, or almost free, fab finds from the web…

Gevalia coffee 1. Coffee anyone? Who hasn’t seen Gevalia coffee’s free offers in the mail now and then? Well I know they’re legit – I still have my free coffee maker from 10 years ago. To get your free Coffee for Two Coffee Maker, join their Seasonal Flavors Coffee Club to receive four 1/2 lb boxes of their current selection and your next seasonal flavors every 3 months. If you call or cancel online after receiving your trial shipment, your only cost is $5.95 for shipping. If you’re a coffee lover though, Gevalia’s Coffee Club might be just the thing for you. They even have a “love your coffee or it’s free” guarantee.

2. Free Italian Cookbook Download – Barilla pasta has a program called Sharing the Table. The program’s goal is to help families build closer relationships with loved ones through meaningful meals. When you visit the site and click the “Yes I Do” tab, indicating you believe in meaningful meals, Barilla donates $1 to Meals on Wheels and you can download a free Italian cookbook featuring recipes by Mario Batali. The 32 page cookbook includes celebrity inspired recipes for Vegetable Lasagne, Spaghetti Carbonara and much more.  Visit Barilla’s Share the Table page for details. Continue reading Five for Friday – The Free, or Almost Free, Edition

WAF’s Five for Friday – The Women’s Health Edition

Friends working together When it comes to your health no website will ever take the place of your doctor and knowledge of your own body, but these five sites have developed reputations as trusted sources for women’s health news and information.

1. IHR – Infertility Health Resources

Many women at 40 struggle with infertility issues. Infertility Health Resources, or IHR is a clearinghouse clearinghouse for online infertility information. It covers diagnosis, treatment options, financial issues, legal issues, adoption, and support groups.

2. National Women’s Health Resource Center
The National Women’s Health Resource Center is a non-profit, national clearinghouse for women’s health information. It develops original health materials and content for women and provides links to related news, educational opportunities, and national organizations. It also has information about books and contacts for local health departments.

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WAF’s Five for Friday – The “Be a…” Edition

peacekeeperFive fab finds we think you’ll like…

1. Be a peacekeeper – PeaceKeeper “cause-metics” is the first cosmetics line to give all of its after-tax, distributable profits to women’s health advocacy and urgent human rights issues. Their ideals include supporting slavery free labor, fair wages and cruelty free products. Their product line includes eco-friendly nail polish remover, lip gloss and lip paint. Check out PeaceKeeper “cause”metics and don’t just look beautiful – do something beautiful too.

2. Be a good tippr – Along the lines of Groupon and Living Social, Tippr consolidates deals and considers itself the new wave of collective buying. Local merchants contract with Tippr to offer great deals on things like boot camp workouts, personalized cosmetics, and haircuts at deep discounts to Tippr subscribers. Continue reading WAF’s Five for Friday – The “Be a…” Edition

Five for Friday – The Aural Ecstasy Edition

hunting my dress Editor’s Note: I’m so excited to introduce this week’s Five for Friday! It was submitted by one of Women at Forty’s newest fans. I recently met Minka at a local blogging event and was immediately drawn to her energy and style. Imagine how geekly (yeah I said it) happy I was to find out that she was a woman at forty herself! WAF are doing great things and Minka’s one more example. She’s an accomplished career woman, avid traveler and the creator of Aural Notes, a website for lovers of eclectic music. This week she’s sharing five faves that put her in aural ecstasy…

Music is such an integral part of my life that I have a soundtrack for virtually everything that I do. A certain lyric or chord can touch us in ways that aren’t easily explained.  Here is a list of five songs that have touched me in various ways recently.  (Photo: “Murder of Birds” – Jesca Hoop)

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WAF’s Five for Friday – Unique gifts he’ll absolutely love…

tokens crosswood cuff This week’s Five for Friday was submitted by the gift-guru herself, Pamela Grossman. Pamela’s the owner of In the Present, a company that specializes in unique personal and corporate gifts. As the gift-guru, Pamela’s often tasked to find unique gifts. Today she’s sharing five trendy gifts that are the “talk of the men’s world.”

1. Whether your guy is a sports fanatic or fashionista he’s sure to go nutz for these Sterling Silver Major League Baseball Cuff Links. Each is authenticated under the auspices of the MLB Authentication Program and carries a uniquely numbered hologram that allows fans to verify their item. All 30 MLB teams are available.

2. The Write StuffRhodium plated rollerball pens crafted from old, wooden baseball stadium seats are the perfect gift for the baseball loving man in your life who also spends his days penning love letters. *Sighs* Each pen also includes a signed authenticity card.  (Image: Times Crossord Cuff Links –In the Present)

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