Esther’s Top Five Tips to Begin Having a Happy Childhood NOW

Editor’s Note: Yesterday we shared Esther’s thoughts on the vulnerable little girl inside all of us. Today Esther offers five tips on how you can begin having a happy childhood now…

j0430903 I’m of the belief that if you came from a very dysfunctional family, survived, and then turned your life into something wonderful as an adult, you are quite a remarkable person and a very valuable role model to younger women. Some of the greatest geniuses and valuable contributors to society didn’t exactly have ‘perfect’ childhoods- often, it was quite the opposite.

I also believe that old adage, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Our challenges can be turned into triumphs and lead us on to do amazing things in life. In fact, many of our strongest beliefs and values come from what we DID OR DIDN’T EXPERIENCE growing up. For example, someone I knew was abused by a family member as a child, and grew up with an unshakable conviction that every child has a right to be safe and protected from harm. As an adult, she educates parents and caregivers of children about preventing and stopping child abuse. She is one of the top experts in her field. Her passion for her work came from her unfortunate experiences in childhood.

I am not saying for one minute that we should have to go through horrible and traumatic events in our lives to help others. I feel that it is an absolute tragedy that so many of us have been through these things and that we should do all that we can to prevent them from happening in present and future generations. What I am saying is that we can greatly diminish, and sometimes even obliterate the effects of bad parenting as adults- that there is a lot of hope and joy to be experienced regardless of what happened to us as children.

I’d like to leave you with some hands-on tools you can use to get in touch with your own inner child so you can start feeling happier, healthier, and more peaceful…

Esther’s Top Five Tips to Begin Having a Happy Childhood NOW:

  1. Start spending time with your inner child every day – even five minutes will do. A good way to access her is to sit quietly with your eyes closed and your hand over your heart. Breathe deeply. Notice what she’s feeling and what she wants and needs.
  2. Start doing some of your favorite childhood activities, even if they seem silly or ‘frivolous’- I’m going to take knitting classes!
  3. Find a photo of yourself when you were little and frame it. Talk to the adorable little girl staring back at you regularly and start enjoying her company.
  4. Hang out with children – easier if you have your own, but if not, I’m sure you can find a friend who would love to have you baby-sit! Study these amazing little people and play with them- they know how to have a good time. You’re inner child will love it!
  5. Bring back the ritual of NAP TIME! We never should have let that one go! Most of us are cranky and irritable or overly emotional due to lack of sleep. Turn the ringer off the phone, curl up on the couch with a blankie and have a nap! Your little girl will thank you!

“Little Esther” hopes that you and your “little one” enjoy lots of laughter, play, rest, and excitement together…


Esther Kane, MSW, RCC relocated to the Comox Valley over two years ago from Vancouver. She is in full-time private practise as a psychotherapist in Courtenay. Esther has over a decade of experience counselling women and their loved ones with a multitude of presenting problems. Her main focus is helping women to become free of barriers which keep them stuck so that they can become all that they dream of being. You can learn more about Esther on her website

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