Grace: On the life I’d planned

grace italy I can’t remember all the plans I had for myself as I approached forty, but you can best believe they did not include being laid off…AGAIN, being single PERPETUALLY,  and STILL fighting the battle of the bulge. No, no, although I  have been guilty of re-writing history, I am pretty sure I hadn’t planned for this.

But I also hadn’t planned on, at near forty, meeting a group of women who would encourage and inspire me everyday to develop my business. I hadn’t planned on becoming obsessed with HGTV and doing my own bootleg version of design on a dime, and I hadn’t planned on learning how to live happily and contented on less – much less.

But here I am. This is what I’m doing, and I feel blessed. Blessed to be a woman living in this country at this time, with all the opportunities and challenges that come along with it. I am blessed to live down the street from a Barnes and Noble and two public libraries that give me access to all the diet books I can get my hands on. (Now if I would just read them!) And I’m blessed to be surrounded by loving and supportive family and friends.  No, it’s not the life I planned, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. (Left, me standing in front of a museum in Florence, Italy…something I never could have imagined planning ten years ago)

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