Here’s to an awesome 2013!

create a lifeHappy 2013, WAF!

I didn’t make any resolutions this year. In fact, I didn’t even make any plans really. I’m working on several “projects” (business, health, spiritual, relationships) and I intend to keep working on them and toward them in some way. Every day. That’s as close to making plans as I’m willing to get this year.

One of these projects involves sharing with the WAF community more frequently, even if it’s just a daily nugget of truth.  So…

Today’s Truth…

So many New Year’s resolutions focus on the physical – which is fine – good in fact, but let’s never lose sight of the fact that looking good, feeling good, living good begins on the inside. A house that boasts awesome curb appeal but has shaky foundations and bad plumbing is technically still a house, but no place to live. And, it certainly isn’t someplace you’d want to call home.

So here’s to repairing foundations, fixing leaky plumbing and spending as much time on what and how we feel as we do on how we look.

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  • JackieoNappy



    Best not to make resolutions- but GOALS are always good. As long as you make a timeline of when to reach those goals otherwise they are just floating floating – gone!