Let’s make history: Women’s History Month

Three Guineas Fund Recipient of Global Fund GrantWhile we honor women in history throughout the year, March is officially Women’s History Month. Back in our 20’s, the 40 year old version of us seemed so far away. We thought that by 40 we’d have accomplished all of the things we’d set out to do, and be ready to settle into “old age.” Or so we thought.  Whether 40’s turning out just as you planned, or you’ve still got a long list of things you’d like to accomplish, you’re never too old, or too young, to make history.

Destined to leave our own mark on history, The Women at Forty Project recognizes and honors the achievements of women, of all ages, around the world. In keeping with that spirit, today we’re spotlighting four women-run organizations that celebrate the power of women. These organizations are changing the world – one child, one person, one issue at a time. They inspire us to want to make our own history. Let them inspire you too… (Image: 3gf, Global Fund for Women grant recipient)

  • The The National Women’s History Project was founded with the goal of “making history accurate” by recognizing and celebrating women’s contributions to the world.  In their own words “Multicultural American women are overlooked in most mainstream approaches to U.S. history, so the National Women’s History Project champions their accomplishments and leads the drive to write women back into history.”  Any nation that fails to tell the stories of its women, fails.
  • The FEED Project raises money and awareness for the UN World Food Program by selling eco-friendly burlap tote bags and backpacks (pictured above.) The goal of FEED Projects is to sell as many FEED bags as possible to help educate the world’s hungry children. Since starting in 2007, the organization has provided over 50 million meals for needy children.
  • The Global Fund for Women was founded in Palo Alto, California in 1987. The foundation’s mission is to advance women’s human rights by making grants to women’s groups that work to gain freedom from poverty, violence and discrimination. Why focus on women?  “Investing in women is the single most effective antidote to the world’s pressing problems: war, poverty, disease.” We agree.
  • The Women Moving Millions campaign aims to inspire gifts of a million dollars and above in support of women’s funds across the globe. The campaign is the concerted effort of 150 women’s and girl funds that invest in women-led solutions to social issues like poverty and safety. In 2009, through various partnerships, they were able to raise more than $181 million.

If you’re making history or want to spotlight a woman or organization who is, send your story to contribute@womenatforty.com. We’ll feature your history making story in a future post.

Editor’s Note: This post originally ran during last year’s celebration of Women’s History Month

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