Pamela Grossman – Living In the Present: Part 2


On Monday I ran part 1 of my interview with WAF Whirly Girl, Pamela Grossman. At 40 Pamela was diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder, leaving her in a  self described deep abyss of terror, unable to function “normally” for years. Today she discusses how the disorder led to creating In the Present and how she’s facing her challenges head on…

On “In the Present”

As debilitating as her anxiety disorder was, Pamela knew she’d still have to pay her bills and that she’d have to work from home to do it. She recalls sitting on the floor of her living room thinking, “this is my new future. I’m in the present and I have to make the best of it.”  Calling on her years of production experience and her artistic eye, Pamela created In the Present, a high-end corporate and personal gift business. In addition to gifts, her company also creates business branding and printed materials. Current and former clients include Disney, BMW, The American Cancer Society and Turner Broadcasting. (photo: In the Present’s Rejuvenate)

On her challenges

When I asked Pamela about the biggest challenge she faced launching the business, she said, “breathing.”  For Pam, the challenge wasn’t launching the business – the business part came naturally. The challenge was taking care of herself and managing the disorder. But Pamela recognizes that she’s the only one who has the power to make herself better. She explains, “The feelings will never go away. I’ve got to manage those feelings. I’m the only one who can do it.”

Her advice to other women at forty

“I’ve got a Wizard of Oz theory,” she says, “Put on your ruby slippers, click ‘em and know you have the power to do whatever you need to do.”

Before I let Pamela go, I asked her to take WAF’s 5 questions, 3 words or less challenge. Here’s what she had to say…

  1. Most exciting thing you did/plan to do at forty? Got my dog Sydni
  2. Biggest regret? Staying too long
  3. The thing(s) you’re most proud of?  Sydni – is that wrong? 🙂
  4. The monkey on your back you can’t shake? Panic disorder
  5. Finish this sentence (ok, so technically it’s not a question) – If Three 6 Mafia can win an Oscar, I can… walk a runway

To learn more about Pamela Grossman and In the Present, visit her website

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