Part 2 – Rachel Moheban: Ask the Relationship Expert

ask relationship expert In Part 1 of my interview with Rachel Moheban, the renowned psychotherapist talked about the surge in creativity she experienced when she turned 40. She also introduced us to her latest project, The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program. When the conversation turned to relationship talk, we both noticed one thing; these days there’s more pressure to get married than to stay married. In Part 2 of our conversation, Rachel addresses a the relationship mistakes some women make and shares her number one relationship tip.

The number one relationship mistake women make

One of the most common relationship mistakes Rachel sees women making is getting into relationships or marrying for the wrong reason. Rachel cautions women to enter a relationship and marry for the right reason, “not out of need, not out of desperation, not out of dependence.”  (Image: The Relationship Suite’s Ask the Relationship Expert)

The number one relationship advice she shares with women

Rachel says, “make sure you know yourself. Know what your vision is, your desires, your wants and needs. And really be independent on so many levels before you choose your partner. Not doing this builds resentment. When you’re in that place – the place where you know who you are – you’re more likely to attract someone who is your fit. Some women,” she continues, “are settling, but women must know it’s important to be hopeful and continue to work on themselves so that they can attract their own divine, right relationship.”

The infamous list

I’ve written about “The List” before. You know the list – it’s the one with all the qualities you seek in a mate. I asked Rachel what she thinks about these lists. She believes they can be a helpful tool for identifying what really matters. She says, “It’s important to have negotiables and non-negotiables, but it’s also important to be open.”

Ask The Relationship Expert

Women at Forty is joining forces with Rachel to help get real answers to our most intimate relationship questions. On her site, The Relationship Suite, Rachel has set up a free, confidential and secure environment to find those answers. To submit your relationship question, visit Ask the Relationship Expert and Rachel will reply to you directly.


Rachel Moheban LCSW, is the creator of The Relationship Suite and The Ultimate Relationship Resolution Program.  For additional information about Rachel and to receive your free Relationship Suite Starter Kit, including a free five minute relationship assessment, visit her website,

And as for the question about the state of single women in their 40s and beyond, Rachel says, “Some women are settling, but women must know it’s important to be hopeful and continue to work on you so that you can attract your own divine, right relationship.”

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