Inch by inch it’s a cinch…

j0182524 Mile by mile, it’s a trial. It’s as true for life’s challenges as it is for marathons. My own $25 good-food challenge officially ended on Sunday, but it’s been such a positive experience that I’ve decided to make some long term lifestyle changes as a result. The changes I’m proposing are for my own good and will only help me get to my goal of being fit at forty, faster. But still, there’s a knee jerk reaction that comes with declaring a lifestyle change that asks the question “Will I be able to do this for the rest of my life?”

The irony in my resisting a positive lifestyle change is that when it comes to diet and health, I’ve been been making poor lifestyle decisions for much of my adult life. By not taking my health and well being into my own hands, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing – committing to a lifestyle – but a bad one. Why is it easier committing to doing bad for the rest of your life than committing to doing good? Maybe some of you who are wiser can shed some light on that for the rest of us. In the meantime, I’m beginning my work on doing the right thing.

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My $25 good food challenge: It’s a wrap!

j0430827 Ok, not quite. I’ve officially got 4 days left in the $25 good food challenge I started just 3 weeks ago. And I’m happy to report that, with the exception of the bean business and my indiscretion with the chicken, the challenge has been a success on several levels.

For the past 3 weeks I’ve been able to buy healthy, whole, unprocessed foods, on a budget of approximately $25 a week. I promised to make my eating more about health and wholeness and less about carbs and calorie counting and I did. And, miracle of miracles, I have not stepped on the scale once in the past month. Was it a piece of cake? No. But it wasn’t that hard either. As is the case with most life challenges we undertake, I’ve discovered a few things along the way.

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My $25 good food challenge: Who says I can’t have a sweet potato for breakfast?

baked-sweet-potato-x-main_Full No one. Where is it written that eggs are breakfast food, that french toast can only be eaten in the morning and that oatmeal is the breakfast of champions? Nowhere. So I was feeling very mavericky yesterday morning when I woke up thinking “I want a sweet potato for breakfast!” I purchased a couple of them during week two of my challenge and still had a couple left over. Sweet potatoes are packed with vitamin A, are a great source of beta carotene and most importantly for me this week, are NOT oatmeal.

On Wednesday morning as I sat down to eat yet another bowl of oatmeal, I thought, “I can NOTeat another bowl of oatmeal.” You see, sadly, unlike my longstanding relationship with chicken, I have no addiction to, or affinity for, oatmeal. Especially when it’s not drowning in brown sugar, cinnamon or the fake little chunks of apple or peach they add to those handy pre-packaged individual-serving size- bags.  No, now that I’m getting my oatmeal au naturale, it’s become an acquired taste I have yet to acquire. Continue reading My $25 good food challenge: Who says I can’t have a sweet potato for breakfast?

My $25 good food challenge: Why did the chicken cross the road?

j0441050 To get away from me. Determined to get out of my bean daze this week,  I bought some chicken from the farmers market. The plan was to spread what turned out to be six very small chicken thighs over the course of my third week on the challenge. Sadly, they never made it past the weekend.

The easiest way to explain my obsession affinity for chicken is to quote my (vegetarian) sister, “It’s in your system.” I like it stir fried, baked, stuffed, grilled, stewed, curried, browned…basically, if you cook it, I’ll eat it. You know how they talk about people being carbohydrate addicts, why don’t they ever mention the protein addicts? I know they exist because I am one. I went years without eating red meat, and could live without it now. The same goes for most other meat, but anyone who knows me knows how much I enjoy cooking and eating chicken. So when I baked my six very small chicken thighs (did I mention they were very small) and told myself they’d last the entire week, not even the dog believed me.

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Did I mention the… : My $25 good food challenge week 2

smell460 Gas. There I said it. I know it’s certainly not delicate and ladylike to discuss it, but let’s face it – after two weeks on a predominantly bean and veggie diet, there is bound to be a little – or a lot of – gas. After fearing I would literally explode this week, I incorporated a little meat into my meals and finally got a bit of relief. (Image Source: Guardian UK)

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