5 Super Foods we should be eating

I finally went to the eye doctor last week. After years of bragging about not needing glasses, reality and my 40th year caught up with me and as I pecked out a post, squinting and grimacing at the screen I finally relented and made an appointment with an eye doctor.  Like it or not, our bodies are aging and some of my over 40 friends are telling me it’s best to get on top of things now because after 40 it just gets that much harder. Even if they hadn’t told me, the creaks and groans I feel and hear in my body are signs enough. Enter Super Foods.

Super Foods are foods which are so nutrient-rich that they can help fight aging and illness. For years experts have touted the benefits of super foods for helping to prevent wrinkles, memory loss, vision problems, thinning hair and more.  From heart disease preventing salmon to bone building broccoli, super foods have more “bang for their buck” than your typical fare. If you’re anything like me, you might be struggling with weight and how much to eat. And while that can be a life-long battle, incorporating at least some of these super foods into your diet can be an easy way to help improve your health and well being, one bite at a time. Continue reading 5 Super Foods we should be eating

Why Margaret loves Queen Latifah, turning 40 and focusing on a better Margaret

So, I’m trolling the web for women talking and writing about turning 40 and come across this great post at a blog called Just Margaret. It’s called Why I love Queen Latifah and being a fan of “The Queen” myself, I checked it out. Turns out, Margaret is turning 40 soon, is “kind of” excited about it, has lost 25 pounds along the way, and like most of us turning 40 is doing a bit of reflecting…

Why I Love Queen Latifah
by Margaret Barney


This woman is amazing.

I *love* Queen Latifah. She’s intelligent, funny, incredibly talented. I see her on talk shows, and I just adore her–I want to *know* her because I get the sense that she’s just got so much love and goodwill emanating from her…and that she shares that with the people around her.
So, she was on Ellen the other morning. (I am also a huge fan of Ellen, for pretty much the same basic reasons.) And she’s talking about this being the year that she’s turning the big Four-Oh. Ellen asked her what she thought of it, and I was so thrilled to hear her say that she’s not all worked up about turning forty. That she’s sort of looking forward to it, and that she feels good about it.

I actually think that I really *love* that woman. Because her attitude about getting a bit older is right on! I guess it doesn’t hurt that I happen to be feeling the same way. But I’m thrilled to see my contemporary say loudly and proudly that, “Hell Yeah! I *am* getting older!” Older, better, growing and learning. My concerns, my quiet little “frettable” thoughts (I made that word up–‘frettable’–meaning something over which I will likely fret) are shifting. I worry less about appearances, more about substance. I feel as if I’ve only just begun (yeah, I know you hear the strains of The Carpenters when you read that!) and that there is opportunity awaiting me–mine for the taking.

Turns out…Queen Latifah’s birthday is the day before mine. She is exactly one day older than me (and shares the birthday with one of my older sisters). I always thought of her as younger than me, not that it mattered all that much to me, but I somehow was a little bit thrilled at how close in age we really are.
I’m kind of excited about turning 40. And admittedly, I’m also doing a bit of reflection–there’s quite a few more wrinkles than when I got married 10 years ago. Definitely more grey hair. I’ve not taken to covering those greys, either, and boy are they prolific! My feeling is, “Damn it! I earned those!” They’re my badge of survival. Not just survival…success!

And I’ve changed. I’ve grown. I’ve soldiered through some serious challenges in my time on this planet. And with Forty on the horizon, I decided to spend a bit more time focusing on my own health

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Skin Care at forty and beyond: Galvanic Therapy Facials

Jeffrie Ann Hall is back with more advice on skin care for women at forty. An Esthetician specializing in Anti-Aging Skin Care for women 40+, Jeffrie focuses on helping women stay fresh and vibrant at all stages of life. Today she introduces us to the Galvanic Therapy Facial.

One of the most effective facials for over 40 skin or premature aging is Galvanic Therapy. Nothing has been shown to provide the results of Galvanic without shots, pain or invasive procedure, yet so few women have heard of it. Galvanic cleanses, purifies, tones, tightens and lifts as well as reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. When I was working in a spa this was my favorite treatment to perform.

So what is Galvanic Therapy?

Galvanic Therapy is a low level electric current that is applied to the skin with a specifically designedGalvanic Spa devise for use by Estheticians. It’s been in use for over 50 years in facial services. Sophia Loren has known about it for a very long time, and that lady has some pretty amazing skin for a woman of a certain age.

Galvanic has the ability to stimulate the circulation of oxygen and blood in the facial skin supplying an elevated level of nourishment. Galvanic also creates an environment in the skin that allows for up to a 70% increase in the efficacy of the skin care and anti-aging products you use after the treatment for up to 24-48 hours.

During a facial procedure a negative charge is used to deeply cleanse and purify the skin. This first part of  the treatment is called Disincrustation. A negative charge in the instrument will repel a negatively charged cleansing gel and push it deep into the skin. Toxins and impurities are neutralized.

The second and positive charge cycle is called Iontophoresis. This positive charge pushes positively charged anti-aging ingredients into the skin where they can do the most good. Deep in your skin, in the dermal layer you have something called a fibroblast. This is where your collagen and elastin is produced like a little youth factory, I like to say. And that is where you want anti-aging and cell Handheld Galvanic Spacommunicating ingredients to reach. Having a product just sitting on top of your skin isn’t even close to as effective.

Getting this done in a spa can get quite costly especially since the treatment needs to do be done regularly to see and maintain results. Spa costs can range from $150-$220 per treatment and each treatment needs to be repeated at least 1-2x per month. Home versions of Galvanic Therapy are available and are more cost effective.

As an Esthetician, I’ve done my research and use and endorse a particular at home Galvanic Therapy product that has a patented ingredient in the positively charged gel that attacks an enzyme in the skin that causes aging. It’s excellent for all ethnicities and skin types. I use it regularly and absolutely love how my skin looks and feels.

To learn more about Galvanic Therapy, check out this article at Beauty and the Blog. You can read the whole thing or just scroll to the bottom to learn about the ingredients and see a video demonstration.

Be Happy!

Jeffrie Ann Hall is an Esthetician specializing in Anti-Aging Skin Care for women 40+.  Through her blog Beauty-and-the-blog, and sales of innovative science based skin care, Jeffrie focuses on helping women stay fresh and vibrant at all stages of life.

Are you hiding your age?

42-15654561You know how Entertainment Tonight does their birthday announcements at the end of each show?  It always cracks me up to hear that someone, who up until a year ago was my age, is now magically two years younger.  Seriously? Did you think we wouldn’t notice?

Lying about our age is certainly not unique to this generation. Our mothers did it, and their mothers before them. But in a time when turning forty is embraced more than ever, many of us are still hesitant about embracing it.  If forty really is the new thirty, why hide it? Continue reading Are you hiding your age?