And I love my life now

Jenny&Sonya Editor’s Note: I’m continuously amazed by how expressive women at 40 can be. Few are poets or writers by profession, yet each week they share their stories of love, loss and triumph, shaping and bending words in just the right way to express exactly what they’re feeling, when they’re feeling it. Jenny is one of these women. I first “met” Jenny when she sent me an email about her own reflections at turning 40. Soon after she sent me this…

I Am Forty Years Old

Jesus, just writing that makes me gasp! And for different reasons, not just because of the number…40. Good grief.

I gasp because 40 just kind of snuck up on me.

I gasp because I let time slip carelessly through my fingers.

I gasp because I didn’t plan right.

I gasp because I planned too much.

I gasp because I didn’t plan enough. (photo: Jenny & Sonya)

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