Kalin’s Chronicles: Throwing caution to the wind – Adventure Travel at 40

North Georgia Canopy Tours 002 Editor’s Note: All week we’ve been tackling our deepest fears – rejection, failure…weddings. Last week Kalin faced a fear of another kind. If you’re afraid of heights, speed and potentially falling on your face in front of a group of people, then maybe adventure traveling is the thing that will help you conquer those fears. Kalin’s done a lot of it, and last week she added ziplining to her list…

I was watching CBS This Morning this past Sunday and there was a story on the increasing number of women motorcyclists. In fact the reporter said the average female motorcyclist is in her 40’s. It seems to me that women tend to become more adventurous after 40. As a matter of fact, my cousin and her husband (both in their 40’s) recently tried skydiving for the first time and loved it!

I don’t know if I have the guts to try that — I’m more of a “soft adventure” traveler. I’ve been skiing – on the small slopes of Cataloochee, North Carolina. I’ve fought through claustrophobia on a submarine tour in the Cayman Islands. I’ve gone white water rafting along Oconee River, Georgia – the beginners route. I’ve floated in a hot air balloon above the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, North Carolina and over the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. But you won’t find me scaling a real mountain — a rock-climbing wall is more my speed. That’s why I absolutely loved ziplining at North Georgia Canopy Tours. The tours open to the public today, but I got a preview last week.

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Who said anything about a wedding??! Getting Married at Forty…

j0423082 Editor’s Note: In keeping with “tackling our fears” week, Rachel’s taking on a couple of big ones – Love and marriage at forty. She’s met the man of her dreams and ready to become a Mrs.,  but gun-shy after what she calls the “spectacular disaster” that was her first marriage, Rachel wants to know, who said anything about a wedding?

I knew I was truly fortunate when I found love again at 38 years old. After kissing more than my fair share of frogs and marrying a toad, I had resigned myself to the fact that there was no prince for me and that my happily ever after would not include a husband, 2.6 children who were conceived “old school style” and a white picket fence. I was perfectly alright with adoption and a condo, but I still really hoped to find a suitable mate who would one day become my husband.

Be careful what you wish for. I met a wonderful man in September 2008 and as unlikely as it sounds, just knew that we would one day be married from the very moment I met him. Continue reading Who said anything about a wedding??! Getting Married at Forty…

We have nothing to fear but fear itself – well, that and rejection

rejected-stamp-thumb8591041 I made a phone call last week. Not just any phone call. I called a publicist to set up an interview with a celebrity who’s recently turned 40. I’ve been putting it off for months. Why? I was afraid they’d tell me no.

I envy the way the word “no” rolls off the backs of most men. I’ve watched them after hearing the word no, scooping themselves up, dusting themselves off and moving on to the next woman, business or project, intuitively understanding that each “no” gets them that much closer to their “YES!”

But for me, and I suspect many women, a simple “no, she’s  currently unavailable to interview with you” turns into something along the lines of  “NO, you’re not worth our time or effort, and what you’re trying to accomplish is ridiculous, and who in the world do you think you are anyway?!?” Whew! That’s an awful lot of negativity to pack into a simple two letter word. But oh what powers we endow to the word “no!”  Continue reading We have nothing to fear but fear itself – well, that and rejection

From the Editor: The fears that binds us

scared-woman “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.” Ambrose Redmoon

What are you afraid of? We’re not talking mice, snakes and things that go bump in the night here. Frankly, a healthy fear of rodents has its benefits. No, we’re talking about the big stuff that manifests itself in our every day lives when we settle for less, do less and postpone our dreams.

It’s the event we don’t attend because we don’t have anything to wear, the relationship we won’t commit to because we’re not ready to settle down, and it’s the business we put off starting because we’re too busy. But if we peel back the layers, and are really honest with ourselves, underneath these common excuses lie fears – big fears. Fears that bind us: rejection, failure, success, commitment, fill-in-the-blank. These big fears can paralyze us, leaving us living a “less than” life.

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