Five Questions

j0382674 The Women at Forty Five Questions Challenge – 100 women, 5 questions, 3 words or less

We want 100 women to answer 5 questions in 3 words or less. As a woman whose nickname was the village lawyer as a child, I know how hard it is to answer any question in 3 words or less, but that’s why this is a challenge. As for getting 100 women to respond…if Three 6 Mafia can win an Oscar

So, here are the ground rules:

  • Leave your responses in the comment section of this post
  • Copy and past the question block, and type your answers next to the questions
  • Include your name (screen name if you prefer to remain anonymous) and your age
  • Answer each question in three words or less
  • Any woman who’s turning forty soon (you decide what soon is) or been there-done that (no matter how long ago), can participate

And here are your five questions:

  1. Most exciting thing you did/plan to do at forty?
  2. Biggest regret?
  3. The thing(s) you’re most proud of?
  4. The monkey on your back you can’t shake?
  5. Finish this sentence (ok, so technically it’s not a question) – If Three 6 Mafia can win an Oscar, I can…

Forward the challenge to your friends and keep up with everyone’s answers by clicking on the comment section of this post. You can also keep up with responses by clicking the five questions tag in the tag cloud located in the video box on the right side of our home page. To start us off, check out my answers here.

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