On the road again

00387446 After weeks of laying off the knee I injured in the embarrassing incident now known as The Matrix Paper Retrieval Incident (TMPRI), I finally took the old knee for a test drive. It was a short one. A one and a half mile walk, with Kingston along for support. I even prepared for it by getting myself a pair of those butt/calf toning sneakers (not the Reebok version shown in their soft-core porn ad, but a cheaper, less salacious brand), and donning a knee brace. The verdict – the walk was great – until the day after. My knee, sadly, is not back to its pre-Matrix-move state, and my walks, which had gotten up to five times per week, will probably only be two to three times weekly for the next few months. It’s a fork in the road to fitness I hadn’t expected.

It’s ironic that just before the TMPRI, I’d decided that since so much of what happens to us in life seem out of our control – jobs, lay-offs, the economy – we should take ownership of the things we actually can control. Eating and exercising was at the top of my “Things I can control” list. Or so I thought. The next day I broke the record for the most embarrassing knee injury story ever. Coincidence? I’m not sure.

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Kalin’s Chronicles: Eat, pray, love and other spiritual adventures

The Ave Maria Grotto With all the talk (both positive and negative) about the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” I figured I’d share with you a spiritual experience I had years ago. Before I tell you about that, I must say that, as usual, I liked the book better than the movie. It seems that people either love it or hate it – there’s no in between. But when it comes to spirituality, there’s lots of “in between.” There are people who are avid church-goers, there are those who don’t believe in God or a Higher Power, and then there are those in between who don’t participate in organized religion, but are still spiritual beings. That said, I find that just being surrounded by nature can be a very moving and spiritual experience. I can’t begin to tell you how spiritually emotional it was for me to sit at the edge of the Grand Canyon and feel the enormity of a Higher Power. That’s also how I felt when I visited the Ave Maria Grotto at St. Bernard Abbey; near Cullman, Alabama. (Photo: The Ave Maria Grotto Miniatures)

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Not Just About Cancer: A survivor’s story

Editor’s Note: I first posted Laurie’s story last year during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I thought her courageous story was one that should be shared with as many women as possible. I’m re-posting it this year as encouragement for anyone diagnosed with, or being treated for, breast cancer. In her blog, Not Just About Cancer Laurie talks candidly about “what happens when you are 38 years old, write for a living and are diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer.”  She wrote this post on August 3, 2007, an hour before she turned forty… Continue reading Not Just About Cancer: A survivor’s story

Five – plus one – for Friday: The “Pink Ribbon” Edition – 6 ways you can help

pink ribbon international mug“Cancer is a word, not a sentence.” – John Diamond

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  A few stats about breast cancer – Besides skin cancer, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among U.S. women and about 70-80% of breast cancers occur in women who have no family history. Now the promising news – regular self exams can save your life, and a new study shows that breast self exams can lower the death risk for women in their 40s. Today 76% of women with breast cancer have a survival rate of 10 or more years. But we still have a long way to go. Here are 6 ways you can help yourself and others in the fight against breast cancer.

1. Cancer knows no geographic boundariesPink Ribbon International helps create worldwide awareness for breast cancer and provides information, resources and support for patients, caregivers, family and providers. In an effort to spread the word, The Pink Ribbon blog encourages entries from those impacted by breast cancer. As a welcome present to new blog participants, they’re randomly giving away Pink Ribbon International Mugs to blog participants. But you don’t have to be a blog entrant to get one. Visit their online store to purchase Pink Ribbon International products and donate to a worthy cause. (Image: The Pink Ribbon International Mug)

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WAF’s Five for Friday – The “Metabolism Madness Cure” Edition

On Monday Dr. Oz gave us one possible answer for why it’s so hard to maintain/lose weight after 40. “It’s your metabolism stupid!” Those weren’t his exact words, but they might as well have been. During the show Dr. Oz shared a few inexpensive metabolism boosters and a couple of neat must-haves. I’ve added a couple of my own to come up with this week’s Five for Friday…

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair 1. Remember those plank exercises for your core? Try watching a night of TV balancing on The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair. The chair provides toning and shaping for your core while helping to alleviate the aching back and legs that comes from sitting at a desk all day. It’s designed for people between 5-feet and 5-feet 11-inches tall, weighs 13 pounds and has a 300lb weight capacity. The Balance Ball Chair retails for around $80. Happy balancing!

2. Oolong Tea – This traditional Chinese tea has been shown to aid the body in burning fat. Oolong should be prepared with 180 to 190 °F (82 to 88 °C) water (not boiling) and steeped 3–4 minutes. Premium quality Oolong can be brewed repeatedly and, unlike other teas, improves with reuse.

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