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Kalin’s Chronicles: Saying “I Do” — Again

Many women at 40 and beyond are getting married for both the first and second time. Second weddings can be smaller and more intimate, so smaller hotels are a perfect setting. If you’re planning a spring or summer wedding and looking for a smaller setting, here’s a location to consider…

Kalin’s Chronicles: Weddingmoons

May 5, 2011 by  
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Back in the day, it was considered tasteless to have a big wedding at age 40. But today, many women 40 and over are getting married for the first time with all the bells and whistles, and today’s brides are choosing to have their wedding in the same location as their honeymoon – it’s what the tourism industry calls a destination wedding, or “weddingmoon.”

Rachel on: A new me at forty

January 31, 2011 by  
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I never really wanted a new me. The new (just new, not improved) Rachel Dachel still looks and sounds the same as she always has. But simultaneously, EVERYTHING has changed. I don’t know this new woman in my mirror…

Forty: The Age of Reason

June 2, 2010 by  
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Tricia’s approaching 40 and she’s on a roll. Literally. No really, literally. She’s recently decided to follow her life long passion for writing and literature wherever it leads her…

Beyond the ‘Cougar’ label: Confessions of a non-cougar

April 22, 2010 by  
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These days a cougar is described as an older woman who frequents clubs in order to score (their word, not ours) with a much younger man. Sounds pretty predatory doesn’t it? Well, there are many women who happen to be in relationships with younger men who take issue with the term and being labeled by it.

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