Women at Forty on dating, motherhood and what’s sexy

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One of my favorite past posts – your comments on dating, sexiness and motherhood…

A mum at last!

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Editor’s Note: I love receiving reader comments, especially when they come from fellow bloggers. It’s a great way to meet fellow women at forty and learn about their life experiences. That’s exactly the case with Claire. Claire is a 40 something from Ireland who, in her early 40’s became a first time mom – or […]

WAF’s Five for Friday – The Facebook Edition

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You never know what you’ll find on Facebook, and although we were holdouts for a long time, we’ve found quite a few fab finds through the webs #1 social networking site. Here are five of our faves…

The reality of women at 40 and beyond choosing single motherhood

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Documentary explores the real “Back-up Plan” – For many women approaching 40, the realization of one truth might be particularly hard to bear. It is this: if they wait until they meet ‘Mr. Right’ they may be too old – biologically – to have children.

A new take on the old back-up plan

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This week on Women at Forty we’ll discuss all things Back-up Plan – the movie, single motherhood, the elusive “one” and more. Today we’re talking about a new take on the old back-up plan…

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