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Silence is truly golden

November 17, 2009 by  
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Today, one Woman at Forty candidly and humorously shares her thoughts on, well, sharing her thoughts…

The best advice I ever got…

November 5, 2009 by  
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Ironically came at the end of a 15 year friendship. As our priorities shifted and lives changed, we slowly grew apart. In the last conversation we would ever have, my friend asked me why I was always angered and surprised by the things she did and said. After all she said, “this is who I am, and I’ve been this way for years.” Talk about a light bulb moment.

We’re more alike than you think: Five questions – Part 3

We’re about a third of the way through our “100 women, 5 questions, 3 words or less challenge”. Thanks to everyone who’s participated! If you’re not familiar with the challenge, it’s where we asked our readers to answer five questions. The challenge was two-fold. The first was getting 100 women to respond.

You’ve come a long way baby: Rachel sends a message to her mini me…

October 26, 2009 by  
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I shared my letter to my former self, now Rachel shares hers… Older brothers, although loud, sweaty and annoying, will protect your honor, pave the way for you with your parents and one day become the men of whom you are more proud than you can express. When your grandparents smother you with kisses and […]

You’ve come a long way baby: 20 things I’d tell you now

October 26, 2009 by  
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20 things you need to know – Hey you, standing over there looking tough and cute the way little girls often do, it’s me, well you – in about 36 years. Some things haven’t changed much. With the exception of the ribbon, your hair looked a lot like that this morning, and that stance, you […]

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