Rachel: On the life that’s waiting for you

Rache with her beloved poodles Those words really resonate with me lately. My beloved fiancé celebrated his fortieth birthday in September and it really got me thinking. I recall my younger years when I thought I knew so much and had the nerve to make plans for the life that I would lead.

I was going to marry my high school sweetheart; we had enrolled at the same college after all so that was a no-brainer. While in college I was approached to participate in the Miss America pageant, so that meant I’d use my supermodel earnings to pay off my student loans. After college, I’d work for the U.N. and balance travelling the world with raising 2.3 beautiful and perfectly behaved children. We’d settle in the south of France and tend to our vineyard, then go on holiday in Tuscany.

Ah, the folly of my youth! The sweetheart cheated on me during our freshman year at school.  (Left, Rachel with her beloved poodles)

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Women are talking…

The Women at Forty Project is only a couple of weeks old and women are already sharing their thoughts  on what forty means to them. We’re compiling all your stories and will feature your contributions, in their entirety, over the j0442209next several weeks. Here’s a sneak peek at what some of you are saying… Continue reading Women are talking…