Why this fat black chick can’t stand Howard Stern

stern I can’t stand Howard Stern. I have NEVER intentionally listened to his radio show, and have been fortunate enough only to have caught bits and pieces in passing over the years. Based on that, and the snippets I’ve seen on other shows, I’m pretty certain that if he was on fire, I wouldn’t spit on him.  I can’t stand Howard Stern.

I also know that his shtick revolves around being rude, crass and disrespectful – particularly toward women. This is America, he has every right to do it, and as Americans, we have the right to choose to consume it, no matter how vulgar and disgusting.

So, Stern and his sidechick, Robin Quivers, were within their rights when they decided to bless us with their opinion about Academy Award Nominated actress, Gabourey Sidibe. Here are a couple of things they said,

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Esther Kane: Mindful Eating Roadblocks – Eating things you don’t want

j0444116 Editor’s Note: In the conclusion of her her Mindful Eating Roadblocks series, Esther Kane talks about eating foods you don’t even want – something those who struggle with compulsive eating are all too familiar with. If you’ve ever pigged out on something in its entirety, only to realize after, that you didn’t even like it, then you’ve been a victim of a “snackcident.”  Today, Esther offers great suggestions, and homework, on how to; avoid snackcidents, stop eating when you’re not hungry and stop sneaking food.

How often have you had the experience of pigging out on something and once you’d consumed a lot of it, realized you didn’t even like it? I know I have. Eating things we don’t really want is part of the “mindless eating” phenomenon that is so prevalent in our society. We can easily fall into this trap, what I recently heard someone refer to as a “snackcident”, when we’re not paying attention to what and how we are eating.

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Inch by inch it’s a cinch…

j0182524 Mile by mile, it’s a trial. It’s as true for life’s challenges as it is for marathons. My own $25 good-food challenge officially ended on Sunday, but it’s been such a positive experience that I’ve decided to make some long term lifestyle changes as a result. The changes I’m proposing are for my own good and will only help me get to my goal of being fit at forty, faster. But still, there’s a knee jerk reaction that comes with declaring a lifestyle change that asks the question “Will I be able to do this for the rest of my life?”

The irony in my resisting a positive lifestyle change is that when it comes to diet and health, I’ve been been making poor lifestyle decisions for much of my adult life. By not taking my health and well being into my own hands, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing – committing to a lifestyle – but a bad one. Why is it easier committing to doing bad for the rest of your life than committing to doing good? Maybe some of you who are wiser can shed some light on that for the rest of us. In the meantime, I’m beginning my work on doing the right thing.

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Esther Kane on: Mindful Eating Roadblocks – Distracted Eating

tv dinner Editors Note: In light of all the Fit at Forty challenges taking place on the Women at Forty site and elsewhere, we thought it’d be a great idea to share Esther Kane’s three part “Mindful Eating Roadblocks” series with our readers. As a psychotherapist and author of the book “It’s Not About the Food” (which we’ll be reviewing on the site soon,) Esther is uniquely qualified to help us avoid mindless eating pitfalls and remain squarely on the road to optimum health and wellness.

Roadblock #1: Distracted Eating

I’m guessing you know what I’m talking about here. Who among us doesn’t “multitask” on a daily basis; especially while we are eating? I have noticed that in our North American culture, the preparation and consuming of food seems to be little more than an inconvenience in our stressed-out, busy lives. I, myself, have become particularly adept at eating while driving, which not only takes the joy out of a meal, but also is very dangerous. I liken it to talking on a cell phone while driving- a very bad habit.

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My $25 good food challenge: Why did the chicken cross the road?

j0441050 To get away from me. Determined to get out of my bean daze this week,  I bought some chicken from the farmers market. The plan was to spread what turned out to be six very small chicken thighs over the course of my third week on the challenge. Sadly, they never made it past the weekend.

The easiest way to explain my obsession affinity for chicken is to quote my (vegetarian) sister, “It’s in your system.” I like it stir fried, baked, stuffed, grilled, stewed, curried, browned…basically, if you cook it, I’ll eat it. You know how they talk about people being carbohydrate addicts, why don’t they ever mention the protein addicts? I know they exist because I am one. I went years without eating red meat, and could live without it now. The same goes for most other meat, but anyone who knows me knows how much I enjoy cooking and eating chicken. So when I baked my six very small chicken thighs (did I mention they were very small) and told myself they’d last the entire week, not even the dog believed me.

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