The best of: Our proudest moments, biggest regrets and dreams in the making

Back to school About a month after launching the site, I had a thought – well a question. Five to be exact. I wondered: what women our age most regretted, what was the one thing we couldn’t shake, of what we were most proud, what was the most exciting thing we planned to do (or did) at 40, and what were some of our biggest dreams.  The challenge was to answer in 3 words or less. To date, I’ve received almost 100 answers and although less than half answered in 3 words or less (what was I thinking?) all the answers were interesting. Here’s some of what you had to say…

On the most exciting thing you did/plan to do:

“Vegas on December 31”

“graduating with my Master’s degree in my cap and gown”


“quit my job”

“be more authentic”

“took a leap of faith and married my Husband”

On Biggest regret – while many of you said you had none, some of us admitted to having at least one regret:

“having one income”

“the Greek”

“not meeting him”

“wasting my 30’s”

“losing old friends”

“2 marriages”

On, If Three-6 Mafia can win an Oscar (your biggest dream)

“publish my novel”

“go back to school”

“be totally happy”

“living in Maui and Southern France”

“win a Pulitzer”

Thanks to everyone who participated. Read more 5 question challenge responses here. And Here’s to a future of forgetting about our regrets, remembering our proudest moments and working towards achieving our best dreams!

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