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man-cooking With the exception of the day our story ran on, the “So, what’s sexy” post drew the most traffic to the website. Ever. While the title had something to do with it, I have a sneaking submission that the majority of site hits came from women (of all ages) with the solitary mission of staring intently at Alex O’Loughlin’s absDisclaimer: I have to admit that even today when I look at that picture, my eyes glaze over and I think “that is just absolutely ridiculous” (in a good way) — And while the devil on my shoulder (intent on helping me increase site traffic) toyed with the idea of including the words “Alex O’Loughlin, abs and sexy” in each and every future post, the mature, 40-year-old woman in me realized that that just wouldn’t be sexy.

So, what is sexy – besides the abs of course? Confidence, a man with a great voice, romance, intelligence… Here’s some of what Women at Forty find sexy…

A man in the kitchen cooking—doesn’t matter what he is cooking, but there is something sooo sexy about him cooking for me!”

“A man who behaves as an adult and takes responsibility for himself, his actions and his loved ones.”

“A man who is in touch with his emotions and is not afraid to share them with the woman in his life.”

“A man that can sing”

“Definitely a good sense of humor. And a guy who can spell and has good grammar…as odd as that sounds.”

“A man has got to have a good voice. And that whole thing when they talk in your ear, or whisper, or um, make um certain noises during the deed, um…”

“Sexy for me…the way he towel dries after a shower and the fit of boxer briefs…”

“Wash dishes, fold laundry, gives you a hug when you are down and you don’t have to say a word!!!”

“Confidence is sexy. doesn’t matter how old or young, handsome or not, if he’s confident within himself, he is sexy. I love a man who knows his own mind and what he’s about. Oh yeah, I also love a man in the kitchen…..a guy who cooks is sooooooooooo sexy.”

It’s not too late to tell us what you find sexy. Share your thoughts in the comment section or on our Facebook Fan Page.

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