The day I got an email from The Today Show and then nothing happened, or The Third Time Is The Charm

I am the only person left in the world (well a lot of it anyway) without a smart phone. Actually, my phone probably has an average IQ, I just choose not to use it. I disabled text messaging about three years ago and don’t miss it one bit.

Disclaimer: For the 20 & 30 somethings reading this blog, I am not an accurate reflection of 40. ALL of my 40 year old friends (and several enemies) have smart phones and use them. My father gets and sends text messages. I am a cheap, late adopter determined to beat the ubiquitous “MAN.”

I don’t check emails, FB and Twitter non-stop, although as a blogger, that’s probably a cardinal sin.  I have recently though, made a Kindle purchase, and took a walk on the wild side by getting the 3G version. Which now means I can access emails just about anywhere. And anytime.  So, a couple of months ago when I checked my emails at 11:54pm on a Tuesday night (way past my bedtime) my mouth FELL open when I saw that I’d gotten an email from someone at The Today Show and she was asking me for help.

Long story short, we tried to help, but she’d contacted me on a very tight deadline (hers not mine) and with very specific geographic requirements and alas, as women at 40 in 2011, we all have jobs, families and other obligations that are impossible to change last minute, even if it is for our beloved Today Show. *sighs*

Then a couple of months after that, BBC Radio called me on the horrendous signal I get on my average IQ phone and wanted me on the air for a segment on women in their 40s. In less than an hour. *Pulls hair from head and screams Nancy Kerrigan style, WHYYYY!*  I was at work and had a meeting with the CEO I was obliged to attend. OBLIGED. I’m still getting flack from some folks who think I should have ditched that meeting, but my dreams for this project will pay my bills in the future, that job pays my bills TODAY.

That said, the next media giant that contacts me, I’ll get on a plane, take a personal day, move whatever mountain I need to move to make it happen because I am determined that, for me at least, the third time will be the charm. (Photo: by i_yudai)

What opportunity are you determined not to miss if it comes your way? Share your Third Time Charm in the comment section or on our Facebook page.

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  • Pam

    OMG that is hilarious and sad all at the same time. next time just get up and hold your stomach and RUNNNNNNNNNNN girl RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

  • Anonymous

    ROTFL @ hold your stomach! How did you know?!?

  • Bailaconlisa

    I once was asked to go on Maury Show…I’m sord of glad I decided not to go..that would of follwed me forever..haha.  

  • Anonymous

    Errr yeah, Maury would have stuck with you FOREVER! Glad you said no to that one too! LOL

  • Jane

    It sounds like you are “Hot” at the moment and the next call will be a big one! Hang in there.

  • Anonymous

    What a great thing to say Jane – Thank you!!