The Final Countdown

00407226 By this time tomorrow, I’ll officially be 40 years old. I don’t expect to wake up tomorrow morning and feel much different. I’ll knock my journal off the nightstand reaching for my glasses, my knees will pop as I get up to go feed Kingston (my dog), and I’m pretty sure I’ll look the same as I did the night before. I don’t expect problems to be miraculously solved or lifelong questions and struggles to be answered at the stroke of midnight. In fact, I’m kind of anticipating the opposite, and that’s a good thing. Let me tell you why.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Liza Figueroa Kravinsky last week. I’ll be posting her interview sometime in July as part of a series I’m doing on women entrepreneurs who are living and thinking outside the box. Liza’s the award winning creator of the documentary Beauty in the Eyes of The Beheld. She’s also an actress and a composer who’s collaborated with artists like Prince. I wanted to interview Liza because of the great things she’s doing with her gifts and because on the Facebook fan page, she said she’d been fired a couple times in her life, and both times it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to her.

Strength, character, tenacity – they’re all built in the battle, not in the winning. The things you fight hardest for are the things you value the most. One of the things Liza said that stuck with me was “It’s not comfortable, but it’s worth it.” Nothing hard earned is ever really comfortable. We get our reward from it, not because it was easy, but precisely because it was hard earned.

The goals I have for myself at 40 are like that. Getting to the place I want to be with my health, spiritual and creative growth will not be comfortable. Frequent contributor Tricia Amiel, says “it cuts, it bleeds.” But if at the end of 40, God willing, I can honestly say, that “I did what I came here to do” then all the growing pains will have been worth while. See you on the other side of 40!

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