The warm-up kicked my…

j0400933 Last night during the first of our weekly “Fit at Forty” check-ins, I promised Rachel that the following morning I’d get up at 7 and either walk for an hour or work out for an hour on my Wii. Rachel wisely suggested that since I hadn’t worked out in a while that I start at 30 minutes instead. Thank God for wisdom.

This morning when the alarm went off at 7, I opened one eye and said “*&@##.”  Then good old fashioned shame kicked in along with a good measure of fear (Rachel said she’d be checking in with me and I was scared.) 20 minutes later I was up. A quick check of the local news revealed that despite this being Georgia it was 18 degrees outside. Walking was out and the Wii was in. Until that is, I realized my Wii remote batteries were dead and I didn’t have a single AA battery in the entire house. I had D, C and a couple of 9V – do they even still make those? – but no AA. So, I popped in my Crunch Fitness Cardio Salsa workout DVD. It is as funny as it sounds, and me trying to do it for the first time in a while is even funnier.

I was working up a good sweat moving to the Latin rhythms and laughing at the drummer’s highlights until Giselle said, “Alright! Now that we’ve warmed up, we’re ready to SALSA!” Warm-up? Warm-up! I’ve only done the warm-up?!? If the warm-up kicked my ass, this is going to be a long 30 minutes…


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  • Yaay for you, Grace! As we discussed, making the effort is the major obstacle and as long as you get up and get moving, you've reached your immediate goal. I'm so pleased that you kept your word as I was pricing plane tickets and cursing about the cold weather there figuring: “If I have to go to Georgia and kick Grace's behind, can't it at least be warm?” So glad to know that I can still strike fear into your heart!

  • Grace

    Gulp…that's exactly what I pictured when I hopped my cold butt out of bed at 7:20 this morning – you wrapping that white frilly scarf you told me about around your neck, grabbing your beating stick and flying down here to whoop my …

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  • Hooray–You did it! Just getting going is always my biggest obstacle, as well.

  • Grace

    Thanks Margaret, I need all the encouragement I can get! I'm taking it one day at a time.