WAF’s Five for Friday fearbuster edition – Just dance, voluntourism adventures, get published…

salsa dancing Today’s Five for Friday’s got a little twist. In keeping with this week’s “tackling our fears theme,” here are five suggestions for confronting those fears one by one…

1. Just Dance – If you’ve always wanted to take dance classes but were afraid you were too big, too small too uncoordinated…too anything, put an end to that doubt today and just dance! Dancing improves self confidence, posture and provides a great workout. Do a Google search for the dance style of your choice and visit one of the hundreds of dance studio websites online. There’s even a belly dance class clearinghouse called Bellydanceclasses.net that provides a listing of national and international belly dance classes.

2. Great Adventure – We’re taking a tip from Kalin, and looking into Adventure Travel as a way to celebrate our 40th without fear. Adventure companies offer unforgettable experiences like specialty cruises, safaris, snowboarding and even voluntourism. National Geographic has a list of over 240 of the best adventure companies out there.  Check out the companies and their ratings here.

3. Write it – For years you’ve been talking about publishing your book. It’s time to stop talking and start publishing. Lulu empowers authors to publish their work themselves for free with complete editorial and copyright control. The company provides publishing tools to help format and upload digital content and writers can take advantage of Lulu’s global marketplace, social networking and author services, free customized storefronts and retail listings on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and more. Visit Lulu.com to learn more.

4. Back to school – You’ve always wanted that degree, and it’s never too late to get it. Allonlineschools.com provides a comprehensive list of accredited on-line colleges and universities around the country. The directory features thousands of online degree and certification programs. Use the site to compare top programs, read about each school and request information from the schools you’re interested in.

5. Meetup – If the thought of networking has you all tied up in knots, start small by meeting up with like minded people who share a fun common interest. More than 2,000 Meetup groups get together in local communities each day. From blogging to photography, bowling to writing there’s bound to be a group you’re interested in. Meetup’s tag line is “Do something, learn something, share something, change something.” We agree!

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