WAF’s Five for Friday – The “Women Bloggers Rock” Edition

Five fab women bloggers we think know you’ll love…

big hair day 1. If you’re a member of the curly girl club (or your daughter is), then you’ll love Curly Niki’s natural hair site. In Niki’s words, her site was created “to inspire, educate and motivate people that wear their hair naturally–be it curly hair, kinky hair, or wavy hair.” Curly Niki provides techniques, product reviews and a vibrant online community of natural hairistas.

2. Ms. Single MamaMs. Single Mama’s got a few years to go before turning 40, but Alaina writes with humor and insight about  life after ending her marriage (with her four month old son in tow,) starting her business and raising her now four year old son. She’s also no longer single.

3. Budget Girl –  Budget Girl writes about bargain hunting and looking good on a budget. From BOGO deals to discounts, coupons to cosmetics, Budget Girl serves up great tips and tricks on a regular basis.

4. Sarah Robinson’s blog, Escaping Mediocrity,  has two goals, to serve as witness to her own “escape” from the world of mediocrity – both personally and professionally and to inspire others to do the same. One of my biggest goals for myself and for Women at Forty is to do just that, so Escaping Mediocrity is right up my alley.

5. I’m an organizing junkie – Well, not really, but Laura is and on her blog, aptly titled, I’m an organizing junkie, Laura provides tips on living a life of simplicity and order, one container at a time.

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