Women at Forty Reviews “Striking Skin Care” – Part 2

Editor’s Note: On Tuesday, Kim gave The Striking Skin Care line of products a thumbs up, today Rachel gives us her take and sheds some light on what the line did for her skin.


Products used: Striking Multi-Vitamin Cleanser, Striking Multi-Peptide Serum, Striking Rejuvenating Eye Crème and Striking Restorative Moisture Crème

Length of time used: 28 days

I really enjoyed using the Striking Skin Care product line! At first, I thought I might not be the best candidate for the products siStriking Skin Care Systemnce (thankfully) at 39 years old I’ve yet to develop wrinkles or sagging skin… I am happy to report that these products addressed other issues one might not associate with aging skin and I would definitely recommend them to others. The four-step system is easy to use and all of the products have a subtle, yet fresh scent. I kind of think of it as Pro-Activ for grown-ups.

Step one, Striking Skin Care Multi-Vitamin Cleanser is gentle, yet quite effective. While I am more accustomed to facial cleansers that are sudsier and actually lather, I also know that harsh, drying sulfates are what generally makes that lather and despite not using them on my hair for more than two years, I was still using them on my face (the shame). My rationale was that by the end of the day my skin felt a bit oily so a good scrub was in order. I was also exfoliating with a Buf -Puf type pad in the morning and using an Olay Cleansing Cloth at night (which caused dry spots) and then slathering on moisturizer to replenish.

While using the Striking Skin Care product line, I used only my hands to cleanse my face—nothing more. Within a week I noticed that my skin seemed brighter, smoother and more evenly moisturized. Visibly large and clogged pores on my nose became smaller and within 3 weeks were almost invisible.

Step two, the Striking Multi-Peptide Serum goes on smoothly and absorbs into my skin almost instantly. It reminds me of using a makeup primer, leaving my skin feeling smooth and taught—but not uncomfortably so. I think of it as my skin- perker-upper.

Next up is Striking Rejuvenating Eye Crème. This product particularly impressed me as I am guilty of rarely getting more than three to four hours of sleep nightly. While I use a wonderful under-eye concealer and most people could never imagine the havoc beneath my carefully-concealed eyes, every morning and every evening I was greeted by tired-looking eyes that were taking on a darker hue. The product goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly, and within two weeks I saw a marked improvement—to the point that the concealer is no longer necessary.

The final step in the Striking Skin Care System is the Striking Restorative Moisture Crème. It spreads evenly and leaves my skin feeling moisturized throughout the day. This was particularly impressive for me as someone who is unaccustomed to cold winter weather and the drying effects of perpetual use of radiators and heaters to keep warm. Regardless of sitting on top of space heaters or hovering over radiators, my skin remains soft and well-hydrated from day to night. After using the product again before bed, I awaken to soft skin the next morning and at no point does my skin feel oily or waxy.

All in all I’d say that the Striking Skin Care System is an absolutely wonderful addition to any woman’s skin care arsenal and will likely replace several other products and thus simplify the bathroom cabinet as well as her skin care regimen.

For more information on Striking Skin Care’s line of products, visit them at www.strikingskincare.com.

Note: Neither participants nor ‘Women at Forty’ were paid or reimbursed for their reviews. Reviewers were allowed to keep the products tested.

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  • cozmiuk

    I found the Striking Restorative Moisture Crème to be extremely effective and gentle on my sensitive skin. I heard some friends talking about it at the health clubs I go to, and I wanted to try it. It turned out to bethe finest line of skin care products I used in the last 5 years.