Women at Forty reviews “Striking Skin Care”

Striking Skin Care System Editors Note: On Women at Forty, we talk about what’s beautiful on the inside as much as we talk about the outside. But as beautiful as we may feel on the inside, we’ve all had that conversation in front of the mirror where we wondered “what’s up with that?” So, when we got an email from Kelly with Striking Skin Care, asking if we’d like to try their line of products for women 40 and over, we said “we’d love to!”

To get different points of view, we recruited two of Women at Forty’s contributors, Kim and Rachel, shipped them the Striking Skin Care System and asked them to give us their honest opinion – Love it or leave it?  Today, Kim shares her take on the product line, and on Thursday you’ll read Rachel’s point of view.

Kim’s Review

Crows feet and laugh lines are NOT something a woman looks forward to….so when I was offered the chance to test new skin care products called “Striking”, I jumped at the chance.They are made with the Smartpeptide technology which is supposed to target signs of aging to smooth fines lines and wrinkles while improving skin firmness.

I tested out the skin care line for approximately 15 days, applying once in the morning, and once at night.
Step 1 in the skin care regime is the “Multi-Vitamin Crème Cleanser”. This comes in an 8 fl oz bottle and is a milky white, lotion-like consistency. It is very gentle and does not produce a lather, but seems to clean and rinse away nicely. There is no odor to this product and it did not leave my skin feeling tight afterwards.

Step 2 is the “Multi-Peptide Serum” in a 1.13 oz pump bottle to be used right after cleansing. This is a gel like serum that you smooth over your face before the moisturizing products. I really liked this product…it was my favorite step because….as odd as this sounds, and I know it’s probably all in my head…but just the word ‘serum’ conjures up all kinds of magical potions and makes me think it will boost the effectiveness of the subsequent moisturizers used. Nevertheless…this is a very nice product to use – it is cool going on the skin and absorbs quickly. You are supposed to let it completely dry before applying the eye cream and moisturizer, so I would apply it, and by the time I brushed my teeth I would be ready for the next step.

Step 3 is the “Rejuvenating Eye Cream” in a .5 oz jar. I dabbed a little under and around my eyes as well as on my eyelids. I have to admit my eyes teared the first few times I used it….I’m not sure if I was putting it TOO close to my eyes, or if I just needed to get used to it. The product is of a thick white consistency, odorless, and absorbs quickly into the skin. I did notice that my eyelids seemed to tighten up a bit, which was very nice! I luckily don’t have too many lines or bags around my eyes so I didn’t really see a difference there.

Step 4 is the “Restorative Moisture Cream” in a 1 oz jar. This product is also of a thick white cream like consistency, and is odorless. It absorbs quickly and nicely into the skin without feeling like you slathered Crisco on your face. I don’t have too many facial lines yet (luckily and hopefully because I STAY OUT OF THE SUN!), but I do have fine laugh lines and I did notice I was getting one of those fine forehead lines. So, I made sure to target those areas with the cream, and I really do feel like my laugh lines diminished a bit as well as that pesky horizon line on my forehead, and I did feel an overall increase in the firmness of my skin.

Overall, I really did like the products and would recommend them to other women in their late 30s and up. The fact that all the products are colorless and odorless were a big plus in my book, and the diminishing of my laugh lines will only keep me laughing more!

You can learn more about Striking Skin Care by visiting them at www.strikingskincare.com.

Note: Neither participants nor ‘Women at Forty’ were paid or reimbursed for their reviews. Reviewers were allowed to keep the products tested.

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