10 things it’s taken us 40 years to learn

Taking a page from columnist Dave Barry’s famous “Things it took me over 50 years to Learn” , a few of us at Women at Forty have decided to pen our own list of things it’s taken us 40 years to learn. Here are the first tenj0442209:

  1. To our parents, we will always be children. When you need a shoulder to cry on, that can be a good thing.
  2. Most people mean to do well, they really do, but sometimes life gets in the way and they forget about the living.
  3. Take your time arriving at a first impression of someone or something – you’ll never have the chance to do it again.
  4. Even when the grass really is greener on the other side, it doesn’t mean we’re not where we should be.
  5. We’re not as brave as we pretend to be, but we’re stronger than we think.
  6. Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover.
  7. What goes around, really, really, really, comes back around.
  8. Even at 40, you can still feel like a kid sometimes, and that’s ok.
  9. It’s also ok to grow up.
  10. There’s still so much we don’t know.

What has it taken you 40 years to learn? Share your thoughts in the comment section, or on our Facebook Fan page.

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  • 1. I can't please everybody.
    2. “NO” is a good word to learn.
    3. What people think of me is none of my business.
    4. I have to love my body, no matter what my size.
    5. Wisdom really does come with age.
    6. Spirituality is an ever-evolving process.
    7. The older I get, the more I see my mother and grandmother in the mirror.
    8. I could never repay my parents for all they've sacraficed for me.
    9. You never get too old to want to please your parents.
    10. Fulfillment and peace are the brass rings of life.

  • 1. The older I get, fewer things matter & more people do.
    2. I'm actually quite pretty without makeup.
    3. You don't get to change the past, but you can change your future thoughts and deeds.
    4. You can make real, true-blue friends later in life.
    5. There are no absolutes; everyone and everything is a shade of gray.
    6. Time does NOT heal all wounds, but that is alright; some wounds are meant to serve as a reminder.
    7. True love is absolutely magical and really can & does happen at first sight.
    8. Some people are blessings, others are toxic. Often, one masquerades as the other and it takes intelligence, strength and faith to know the difference betwixt the two.
    9. Wonderful men really do exist and some of them are single and childless & want to be good husbands & fathers.
    10. The little things make the biggest difference.

  • womenatforty

    Great list Kalin! My favorite truths from your list – #3,8,9. Thanks for sharing!

  • womenatforty

    Thanks for sharing Rachel! I love #2 for you, #5 is sooo true and #9 is awesome!

  • mary lee

    life really is what you make of it.