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one year old A year ago this week I wrote my first post for Women at Forty. I’d been 39 for a few months and was beginning some deep reflection on my impending 40’s. As it was shaping up, 40 would look nothing like I’d imagined and I was wondering if anyone else felt the same. One thing that was different was the thing I was now most passionate about. That led to the site’s first post. It was fairly short and asked a simple question – What’s your passion?

The past year has been quite a journey – for me and The Women at Forty Project.

On a personal level I took on a health challenge to become fit at 40. I’ve hit a few speed-bumps along the way (most recently a busted knee which I’ll tell you about in another post), but guest contributor Rachel reminds me that I’ll be 40 for an entire year and so technically still have time to meet that goal.

And the little idea I had for a story-telling project/lifestyle blog about women on the verge of 40 has taken on a life of its own. Women at Forty has been featured on CNN.com, CNN Radio, More Magazine and is frequently syndicated in The Chicago Sun Times. It was also voted by WE Magazine as one of the 101 Women Bloggers to Watch in 2010. Whew!  But what I’m most proud of is the community of diverse women who’ve come together through this project to share their stories. The site’s had dozens of guest posts, thousands of visitors, and women – and men – tuning in from over 100 countries! That’s a long way from September 16, 2009 when I asked what’s your passion, and six people – two of them my sisters -saw the post. It’s been a blessed year.

A thousand thanks to all my guest posters, all the women who’ve commented, sent emails, photos and words of encouragement over the past year. This week is dedicated to you, your contributions and our most popular posts. And please, stick around for another year – after all, we’ve still got a lot to say about our fabulous 40’s!


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