A Rainy Day in Paris

The plan was to write a post today with some pictures from My Big Fat European Vacation, but you know how well plans and I get along. The site isn’t loading pics properly so I decided to dedicate today’s post to my rainy day in Paris. (Photo: The Eiffel Tower on a rainy day – GW)

The day we made it to The Eiffel Tower was overcast and drizzly. I hadn’t really wanted to go because of the rain and what I thought would be ridiculously long lines – and I’d already gotten a few glimpses of the tower as we rode around Paris.  But the rain kept the hoards away, so we decided to stay and took the elevator up to the second level.  Like everyone else, I’d seen the iconic image of the tower for years, but nothing prepared me for what it would feel like to stand at the bottom and look up at it, just feet away.

Despite the clouds, once we took the elevators up, we could see for miles. Since the view from the top would have been obstructed by the fog, we decided to stay on the second level and view Paris from there, and I’m so glad we did.

Lessons learned from a rainy day in Paris – Don’t let gray skies (the literal and figurative kind) keep you away from where you want to go/be, the crowds will be thinner, the air clearer – leaving you alone with your thoughts and more space to enjoy the view.  And who says the view from the top is always the best. Here’s a link to some of the fantastic views I was able to capture with my camera from the second level of the tower. Enjoy!

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