Trains, Planes, and Filtering Out the Noise

No Train HornDespite the title, and my fondness for travel, this post isn’t about planning my next great getaway. It’s actually about staying at home.

You see, I don’t live too far from our city’s major airport. I also live close to the railroad tracks that run through my town.

At home on any given night I’ll hear the horn of a train or the roar of an aircraft overhead. You’d think it would be terribly distracting and really irritating. It’s not. It’s like the ticking of a clock, I only hear it when I listen for it. But it wasn’t always that way.

I realized that I’d learned to filter out the noise when one evening while we were having dinner at my house my friend jumped, mid conversation, startled by the sound of the train’s horn. I’d barely registered the sound myself because I was so focused on what I was doing at the moment.

Now, if it was only that easy to do that in other areas of life.

Every new day presents us with the opportunity to be completely overwhelmed by noise. Whether it’s social media enticing us with its time-stealing non-conversations, or the media reporting “news” that would have us believing the entire world is going to hell in a hand basket, the noise can be deafening. Add to that the noise we create within ourselves like disordered talk about our bodies and appearance and doubting our own skills and abilities. The noise can sometimes get louder in our 40s as we question what we could have been, should have done, or worse, declare that it’s too late to do or be any of it. It’s a wonder we can hear ourselves think.

So today, let’s stop for a second and be conscious of the noise coming at us. Distinguish between the noises that serve to warn us ( because frankly if you’re on the tracks a train’s horn can be a lifesaver,) and those that are just noise, whether it comes from the media, “well-meaning” friends and family, or it’s the internal dialogue you assault yourself with.

Learn to push the noise into the background, filter it out, and focus on the sounds that really matter. I’ll try if you will. ❤


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  • pammieg unwrapping panic

    This article is so true and in fact I want to take it a step further. For people like me with anxiety disorders- there is “Noise in my Head” even when it is silent outside. The words and thoughts that zip thru the brain like lightening- but important enough to cause such anxiety. The “what if” noise, the “i can’t noise”, the oh i could go on and on but right now i can’t hear myself think! Thanks for the article and for reminding us that we need to filter out the noise and find peace and silence. Namaste!