Anjanette On: 40 things she’s grateful for

00227682 Editor’s Note: Last week I shared 40 Things I’m thankful for at 40 and I encouraged other women to do the same. The exercise was a great one, reminding me just how blessed my first 40 years on earth have been. Today I’m sharing Anjie’s 40 at 40 list. Anjanette’s a Graphic Designer, owner of her own company Idzin, and a grateful woman at 40…

40 Things I’m Grateful For by Anjanette

  1. my mother, my sister for being my 2nd mother and her children for loving their aunt anjie
  2. my mother’s genes, talents, strength and her unwavering faith in me
  3. my family
  4. my granny-her soft hands, kindness, patience and her complete love for my sister and I
  5. my sister’s guidance and endless support
  6. my brother-in-law for his kindness and sense of humor
  7. the love of a child
  8. the trust of a teenager
  9. james’ humor
  10. my creativity
  11. my friends and their loyalty
  12. my life
  13. my health
  14. freedom-of speech, expression, the rights of women and SO much more…
  15. being a woman-ditto on that one grace!!
  16. poetry
  17. witnessing the birth of my niece
  18. LOVE-all of the loves of my life and the lessons that I learned from each and every one of them
  19. ART in all forms
  20. my career-and every tear shed at the injustices that came with it, that in turn gave me the knowledge to realize it’s not brain surgery.
  21. my faith
  22. nature-the colors, the textures and all it’s beauty
  23. felines-ALL animals really, but I am a cat lover and have lived with one more cats every day of my life
  24. the sun
  25. the beach-the smell of salt in the air, the waves at my feet and sand in between my toes
  26. music
  27. compassion
  28. passion-and anyone’s passion for all things good, creative and real
  29. the kindness of strangers
  30. showers-yes running water from a faucet or the sky
  31. the sound of rain on a Sunday morning and then you realize you can sleep in…
  32. my art teacher-Mr. Manning who believed in me and encouraged me to believe in myself
  33. every summer family trip we took around the US that I didn’t appreciate at the time
  34. every spring break filled with friends, sun and WAY TOO MUCH FUN!!
  35. my childhood growing up in Virginia and Florida
  36. The knowledge I receive from spending time with my friends and loved ones
  37. The few creative directors I worked under that were kind, fun and inspired me to be a better, faster and stronger designer
  38. My MAC
  39. Pedicures
  40. Tweezerman tweezers-I don’t leave home with ‘em!

Can you think of 40 things you’re grateful for? Share your 40 at 40 with us – email your list to

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