Blog Action Day ’09 – Climate Change

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Today Women at Forty is participating in the Blog Action Day ‘09 Climate Change event. It’s a day when bloggers worldwide agree to blog on the same issue to call attention to a cause. This year’s cause is Climate Change. Women at Forty agrees that action taken by the United States to limit greenhouse gases and build a clean energy economy is needed to achieve a sustainable solution to our global climate crisis. provides suggestions for reducing our carbon footprint:

If you’re interested in helping with the fight against climate change, please visit for more information.

That hair in the middle of my cheek…

Chinese_Facial_threading_in_london I’ve been getting a lot of positive energy and uplifting posts from women who are either anxiously awaiting forty, or looking back at it as the best time of their lives.  Their honest stories are encouraging and uplifting, but…

That’s only part of the story.  All of us aren’t flying headlong into forty, feeling fabulous and embracing getting older. I’m asking women to be real here, so I guess that reality check has to start with me. There are things I DON’T like about turning forty and a few things I thought would be very different. I have a lot of plans and dreams that I hope to fulfill in my fortieth year, and I’m looking forward to taking on those challenges, but the reality, for me at least, is that not everything about turning forty has been fabulous.  And part of turning forty for me is being able to admit that. So, here are a few things that I don’t find at all fabulous about my road to forty…

That hair in the middle of my cheek

WTH? Please don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. I’ve seen you in my rearview mirror desperately plucking at your cheek, chin and/or upper lip (what is it about car windows that makes us think there’s some sort of shield blocking us.) Continue reading That hair in the middle of my cheek…

Pat: On the best thing about being forty

40th birthday cake A few weeks ago I put out a call to women to ask  “What’s your best things about being forty?” I’ve gotten some great submissions from women who have fond memories of that year of their life. Pat’s 54 now, but remembers forty very clearly. Here’s the best thing about being forty in her own words…

At forty I felt sexy without working at it.  As a 54-year-old woman I have to put a lot of effort into looking sexy.  I don’t care how old you get I believe women still want to be viewed as attractive and sexy.  But, the ability to do so diminishes markedly in your 50’s.  Sure there are women who can carry it off,  but they’re instantly recognizable because they’re trying so hard to look young it becomes painfully obvious they’re older than they look.

40 was also great because the future seemed boundless!  I believed the world was my oyster and I could achieve anything I desired.  At 54 reality has set in.  Sure I can still achieve a lot and hope to, but time itself has become a limitation.  It’s a much more finite quality for me now — and my mind play often centers on mortality and what lasting accomplishments I can make.

As I look back,  40 was a magical time for me.  In reality it had all the ups and downs of any other decade,  but it is an in-between time  — when you’re young enough to still enjoy some of the benefits of youth and old enough not to jump straight into the pitfalls.   It was a sweet time!

Pat’s statement “when you’re young enough to still enjoy some of the benefits of youth and old enough not to jump straight into the pitfalls” struck a chord with me. What are your thoughts?

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Maria’s Story: Why we need healthcare reform

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Women at Forty is asking readers to submit their true stories of challenge and triumph.  In today’s feature, guest blogger Rachel Dachel tells the touching story of a wife, mother and friend who fought cancer and her insurance company, and won.

breast cancer awareness Healthcare Reform is a national hot button topic; it has been for more than 15 years, as First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton made universal healthcare her priority and signature platform. Unfortunately, neither reform nor universal care materialized, so healthcare in America has continued on “as is.” Insanity can be defined as “continuing to do the same thing while expecting a different outcome.” It sounds as though America fits the description—at least as far as healthcare in this country is concerned.

For too many people, healthcare is more than just something being debated in town hall meetings and on cable news shows; it hits close to home. Not just acquiring coverage, but also having medical coverage and actually obtaining treatment and having it paid for in as timely and stress-free a manner as possible. Illness threatens the lives of millions of Americans and sadly, uncaring bureaucrats and greedy insurance corporations have threatened their sanity, faith and financial future while deciding if the cost of saving a life fits into the profit margin. Such was the case with my best friend, Maria.

Maria and I met at work in the late 90s. We worked for a company that was known for providing excellent benefits to its employees and their families. Insurance had covered the birth of her three children as well as the nicks, scrapes and broken bones that came along with rambunctious boys. Her healthcare coverage was part of why Maria remained with the company and always lauded it. Well, until she really needed it. Continue reading Maria’s Story: Why we need healthcare reform

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

breast cancer ribbon large October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In honor of breast cancer survivors and the loved ones we’ve lost, Women at Forty will display our special pink logo throughout the month of October.

Forty is the year women are encouraged to get their first mammogram.  I’m gearing up for mine, and am curious about other women’s experiences.  I’ve heard horror stories about the discomfort and pain involved in getting a mammogram, but I’ve heard far more stories about how having one ultimately saved someone’s life.

Mammograms are about as comfortable as a visit to the gynecologist, but ladies, it’s something we’ve got to do for ourselves and the people who love us.  If you’re uninsured, like so many of us are, and worried about the cost of a mammogram, the United Breast Cancer Foundation (UBCF) links women to free or low cost breast screenings and follow-up care at their local hospitals and health centers. To find out where free screenings are in your area, visit the Free Breast Cancer Screening page on the (UBCF) website.

If you’ve got a personal story about getting your own mammogram done, surviving breast cancer or living with loss after a loved one has succumbed to breast cancer, please share your stories with us. You can submit your stories to If you’d like to acknowledge a survivor or lost loved one, please give them a Women at Forty shout in the comment section of this post. We’ll feature your stories and tributes throughout the month.