Women are talking…

The Women at Forty Project is only a couple of weeks old and women are already sharing their thoughts  on what forty means to them. We’re compiling all your stories and will feature your contributions, in their entirety, over the j0442209next several weeks. Here’s a sneak peek at what some of you are saying… Continue reading Women are talking…

Backspace. Delete. Do-over

j0285068I remember when correcting mistakes wasn’t as easy as tapping a couple of keys on a keyboard.  Today, hitting the backspace or delete key can save the day by pulling you over before you shoot off that irate email you’ll regret later, create a seemingly flawless page of text and undo that thing you just did that’s the exact opposite of what you meant to do.

If you’re a member of the Women at Forty club, then you remember correcting tape (vaguely?), white out and trashcans full of crumpled paper. You remember a time when you’d have to think things over a hundred times before committing them to paper once. As a rule, we spent more time developing and preparing everything prior to putting it out there because it was hard to correct our mistakes and harder still to live with them once they’d been made. Continue reading Backspace. Delete. Do-over

MSN’s Wonderwall asks, is 40 the new 25?

jennifer-aniston-reunion Yesterday I wrote about hiding our age and people labeling forty the new thirty.  Now MSN’s asking is 40 the new 25?

The article cites single celebs like Janet Jackson, Jennifer Aniston and Lucy Liu as paving the way for single women everywhere. Really? Is that because they’re doing such a bang-up job of being single themselves?  Even Jen-An admitted that dating sometimes “sucks.”

So why all the rush to be 25 again? I wouldn’t want to be 25 again if you paid me. Well…maybe if you paid me. But would you…want to be 25 again, not pay me…if you could?

Are you hiding your age?

42-15654561You know how Entertainment Tonight does their birthday announcements at the end of each show?  It always cracks me up to hear that someone, who up until a year ago was my age, is now magically two years younger.  Seriously? Did you think we wouldn’t notice?

Lying about our age is certainly not unique to this generation. Our mothers did it, and their mothers before them. But in a time when turning forty is embraced more than ever, many of us are still hesitant about embracing it.  If forty really is the new thirty, why hide it? Continue reading Are you hiding your age?

What’s your passion?

passion at fortySo you’re forty, or at least quickly heading in that direction. What are you passionate about? Is it different now than when you were thirty?

For me the answer to the latter is a resounding yes! At thirty, I was just getting out of that phase of being all about trying (unsuccessfully) to see and be seen.  In the middle of all that, I found time to hope for a good job, a nice boyfriend and a comfy home.  Can you be passionate about being comfortable? Passionately comfortable? Well I was. Continue reading What’s your passion?