WAF’s Summer Reading Series: Lysterium

Editor’s Note: This week’s book selection, Lysterium, is written by Bethany Shelhorn and tells the story of a successful newspaper editor, a mysterious stranger and a long-held family secret. It’s reviewed by WAF community member and creator of WhereWomenConnect.com, Jeanette Harrietha. In her review Jeanette shares how she, as a woman on her own journey towards 40, connected with the novel’s protagonist, Liv Worthington…

Lysterium – Reviewed by Jeanette Harrietha

If you’re looking to escape real life for a few hours this summer, Bethany Shehorn’s fast-paced debut novel Lysterium offers just the place. While the plot moves almost too quickly at times, Shehorn weaves an interesting and intricately detailed story with the potential for a series of books with well developed characters and storytelling.

After a brief encounter with a handsome and mysterious stranger, Liv Worthington unwittingly sets out on an adventure that challenges reality as she knows it. Liv quickly discovers that the fairytales told to her by her grandmother were in fact true accounts of a magical land called Lysterium, a land Liv must defend against evil. Full of fantasy, intrigue, romance and action, Shehorn takes her reader along for the ride as we follow Liv through the complexities of Lysterium and her own journey of self-discovery.

What I found most interesting about Liv’s character was the fact that she had to first know her truth and face her fears before she could evolve into the woman she was destined to become. This created a point of connection for me, as a woman on my own journey – a journey towards 40.

Now I’m not suggesting that turning 40 provokes the same sort of fear as fighting off evil creatures in a bid to save a magical world (in fact, I’m quite looking forward to turning 40); rather, knowing that I’m turning 40 has motivated me to get better acquainted with myself and more importantly, to not let my fears stand in the way of embracing new opportunities and challenges. Liv’s character provided me with a gentle reminder that as women we don’t have to necessarily be fearless, but rather, by facing our fears we open ourselves up to the possibility of revealing our own inner heroine at any age.

Jeanette Harrietha is an educator and the founder of WhereWomenConnect.com, an online social network that connects women for friendship. She loves to read, travel, create, and make life happen by embracing new experiences! You can pick up a copy of Lysterium on Amazon.


WAF’s Five for Friday – unique gifts, good reads, free software and more…

Five fab finds we think you’ll like…

yoami buckle 1. If you like to give and receive unique gifts as much as I do, you’ll love Elsewares.com. At Elsewares you’ll find products from independent artists, designers and entrepreneurs that range from a NYC Subway Wallet to a fused glass belt buckle. Elsewares’ creators support individual artisans and buy from companies who respect worker rights and the environment. What’s not to love about that? (Photo: Yoami Buckle)

2. If you read last week’s Five for Friday, you know I’m a book lover, so I was nerdily excited when I came across Goodreads.com.  Goodreads members recommend books, compare what they’re reading and want to read, and more. It’s the world’s largest social network for readers and it’s a book lover’s daydream come true. Goodreads is free, and anyone can join.

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WAF’s Five for Friday – The Literary Edition

persuasion_2007 I’m an avid reader and have been for years. For me, reading is the ultimate equalizer – knowledge gained from a great book knows no gender, race or social class. And while Kindles, Readers and ebooks have been slowly replacing actual paper filled books for some time now, for me nothing beats the feeling of curling up with a good book, flipping, folding and leaving my own marks on the pages I never want to forget.  So in this week’s Five for Friday, I thought I’d share five of my favorites…

1. Jane Austen’s Persuasion – I’m actually a fan of all of Jane Austen’s books, and the BBC versions that frequently run on PBS, but Persuasion is my favorite. Its themes of social class, women’s roles in society, forgiveness, and of course love, provide life lessons that transcend time and place.

2. After three layoffs, the one thing I’m certain of is that one stream of income is never enough. Ten years ago I was introduced to that concept by the book Multiple Streams of Income by Robert G. Allen. My copy might be ten years old, but the concepts Allen discusses are timeless. The concepts of having multiple streams of income, and almost everything else in your life, will represent, as a reviewer put it, “a powerful paradigm shift” for anyone who reads it. Continue reading WAF’s Five for Friday – The Literary Edition