WAF’s Five for Friday- The “What I learned from the Pink Event” Edition

little  pink bookNot the floating above the crowd, Glitter in the Air Pink, but the daily-dose-of-career-advice Little Pink Book Pink, whose 6th Annual Fall Empowerment Event I attended this past week. The event was hosted by Atlanta TV personality Suchita Vadlamani and featured a powerful panel of women including; Lisa Price, Founder of Carol’s Daughter, Pam Blalock, VP MetLife, Penny McIntyre, Group President, Newell Rubbermaid and New York Times Bestselling Author Emily Giffin. Well over 400 women were in attendance for the panel discussion and while it’s impossible to reproduce the feeling of being in a room with so many inspirational entrepreneurial minds, I can share with you five of the many things I learned.

1. This lesson was  WAF’s Facebook‘Thought of the day’ earlier in the week, and although it might sound harsh, it’s true – Hope is not a strategy. Hope is great, necessary, can help us get out of bed on a Monday morning and motivate us to make it through the day, but hope is not a strategy. A strategy is a systematic plan of action. Hope is the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best. So if strategy is the cake, hope is the decorative rose on top – everybody loves the candy rose, but the cake is the main thing.

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WAF’s Five for Friday: The “Artist’s Date” Edition

00399469Whether a) You need some “me time”  b) You need to recapture your creativity c) Are on a tight budget, or d) All the above, today’s edition might be what you need. Mani/Pedis are great for a little pampering, but we also need to make time for the pampering of our creativity, mind and spirit.

The Artist’s Way calls this time an Artist’s Date, but you don’t have to be the next J.K. Rowling or Picasso to find these excursions helpful. All they involve is spending an hour away from the noise and bustle of every day life to focus on just about anything else. There’s nothing to buy and no agenda to follow. It’s just you, your thoughts and an hour of exploring something new. To get you started, here are five suggestions for your own artist’s date. A few caveats – turn your cell phone off, leave your wallet at home, make the artist’s date with you, and only you, and try to do it at least once a month.

1. Empty Church – Have you ever been inside a beautiful Catholic Church? Alone? Believer or not, the architecture alone is enough to get your mind off your problems for a while. Many church doors remain unlocked during weekdays. The next time you drive by one in between errands, run inside and sit for a while.

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WAF’s Five for Friday- The “Encore Presentation”

Welcome to Jones Soda WeddingYou know how marketers jazz everything up? “Used cars” become “Previously Owned Vehicles”, free tap water gets boiled and becomes “purified” water, and Hollywood turns television repeats into “Encore Presentations”? Well welcome to Hollywood. Today’s Five for Friday is a mashup of a few of my favorite Fives – an “Encore Presentation” if you will…

1. From the Do You Edition Personalize your pop! Personalized soda bottles are a great treat for your 40th birthday party. My Jones lets you choose from flavors like berry lemonade, green apple and vanilla bean, and then adds text and images of your choosing. A 3-pack sampler kit starts at just $3.99.

2. From The Facebook Edition –  Revolution of Real Women – is a global movement advocating the empowerment of females in reclaiming their freedom of individuality, self-esteem and unique beauty. Why do we love RORW? This was a recent Facebook status “Skinny isn’t out. Curves aren’t in. One type of body isn’t more REAL than another. The ‘in’ body is the one YOU were born with.” Who can argue with that? You can follow RORW on Facebook or check out images of real women on Flickr. Update: They’ve recently re-launched their website. Check it out here.

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WAF’s Five for Friday – The “Homemade Beauty” Edition

honey and oatmeal As I become more aware of the kinds of harsh chemicals and mystery ingredients in today’s food and beauty products I’m turning into a modern day kitchen magician, whipping up concoctions at home and road testing on semi-willing family members. In the skin and hair department I’ve created my own deep conditioners, face masks and facial scrubs with varying degrees of success.  I have no desire to become the next Carol’s Daughter (and she can relax, because it’ll never happen) but the idea that Propylene Glycol, which is used in brake fluid, is also used in my face cream, creeps me out.  So, here are five quick, easy, all-natural (brake fluid free) beauty treatments you can make at home.

1. Honey & Oatmeal Mask – The benefits of oatmeal have been touted for years, but did you know that it also makes for a great facial? Best applied at night, this oatmeal and honey mask is safe for almost all skin types.  Mix ½ cup fast cooking oatmeal and ½ cup water and cook. Let the oatmeal cool about 5-7 minutes, then add ¼ cup honey.  Mix well into a paste.  Apply this ‘mask’ to cleansed skin, and let dry. Rinse after about 15 minutes. I found this recipe at Diva Village, click here for more great info from their site.

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WAF’s Five for Friday – The “Because I Give” Edition

00409360 In this time of economic uncertainty it’s sometimes tough to make ends meet, much less donate to charity, but money isn’t the only way you can help. My mother always says, “I don’t give because I have, I have because I give.”  This was also the way her own mother lived her life. This week’s Five for Friday is a tribute to them and recognizes five important non-profit organizations/volunteer opportunities where your time is just as valuable as your money.

1. Baby Cuddling – Early cuddling is vital to a child’s emotional well-being. Studies show that children who have been deprived of close physical contact have lower levels of social-bonding hormones. As a volunteer baby cuddler, you’d be trained to handle, hold, rock, and pat hospitalized infants. Call your local hospital or long-term childcare facility and ask the volunteer coordinator about baby cuddling programs at their facility.

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