Did I mention the… : My $25 good food challenge week 2

smell460 Gas. There I said it. I know it’s certainly not delicate and ladylike to discuss it, but let’s face it – after two weeks on a predominantly bean and veggie diet, there is bound to be a little – or a lot of – gas. After fearing I would literally explode this week, I incorporated a little meat into my meals and finally got a bit of relief. (Image Source: Guardian UK)

The bubbly stomach and a little bit of boredom have been the main downsides to my challenge so far. There have been evenings when unable to eat everything in sight (because I’d have nothing left to eat for the rest of the week) I’ve been forced to figure out what’s driving my desire to snack incessantly instead of taking the easy way out and giving in to the urges. The process sometimes leaves me frustrated and angry, but having to work through those feelings have been a step in the right direction.

The positives of the challenge have been plentiful. I’ve found it pretty easy to stay within my budget even with the meat purchase. And forcing myself to stay within my $25 budget has reminded me to use what I have and use it wisely. For the past two weeks I haven’t had to don a gas mask and discard fermenting fruit and vegetables from my refrigerator, having eaten what I’ve bought with little to no waste. I’m also cooking more and planning meals more efficiently as a result of the challenge. I’ve even got my dog eating a bit healthier by preparing some of his food from scratch and buying dog treats without artificial ingredients. Side note – he too was grateful I gave the beans a rest this week.

I’m looking forward to next week’s trip to the farmers market. I’m surprised at how excited I get about shopping with a purpose and on a budget. Halfway through the challenge and I’m thinking that this might be a change I want to make for the long term. See you Monday for the next update!

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Grace is a blogger and Women at Forty editor who lives outside of Atlanta, GA. She shares her weight loss challenges and experiences weekly in our Health & Beauty – Fit at Forty section.

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Grace is a freelance writer and blogger living in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • kananipod

    Hey awesome post Grace! Sounds like you're doing great, working within a budget and staying disciplined about what you eat is really tough stuff. You're in charge! I've been doing the same and it's really tough at first, especially when I look in the fridge and don't want to eat/prepare the stuff I bought…sometimes a piece of fruit just doesn't cut it, y'know? I needs me a big fat chocolate bar. But when you stick to it, I've found I have more energy and feel like I've really accomplished something.

  • gwynter

    Aloha Jen! Thanks for the support! I'm with you on the not wanting to eat what I've bought, but making this challenge public has forced me to stay within my budget. Best wishes to you and your own personal challenge. Here's to a healthier, better you and me!