Five for Friday: The “5 things, 10 minutes Chris Brogan” Edition

00399931Chris Brogan is not a woman. And I’m not sure how old he is, but I’m guessing he isn’t 40 either. But he doesn’t have to be for us to learn from him. Brogan is a New York Times Bestselling author and social media guru and I first mentioned him last week in my I say tomato, you say frittata post.

In the same email I received the “frittata” message, I got this Five in the Morning list courtesy of Chris’ Human Business Works site and I’ve gotten permission from his people to use it as this week’s Five for Friday. It’s five things you can do in ten minutes and it’s a great way to begin rethinking the way you approach productivity in the new year.

1. Write down the three things you MUST move forward on today. Tape it to your monitor. Add it to a notepad file on your computer. Send a reminder to “” with the three things in the body of the email. (more about nudgemail – not a sponsor).

2. Write down three things to STOP doing today. Do you really need to be subscribed and reading all those blogs? Which ones could you eliminate? Are there one or two TV shows you could stop watching today and replace with some work on your projects? Write down a few negative things to stop SAYING to yourself, too.

3. Once you finish reading this, send an email to someone you haven’t contacted lately that you value. Make the request/offer to connect with someone and work on a project with them in 2011.

4. Have a nice glass of water. So few of us are drinking enough water. This one glass will help your body flush out bad stuff, push out some fat, and get your skin feeling a little more supple. All for free (well, depending on where you get your water).

5. Go to your LinkedIn profile and double-check what the summary says about you. Is that what you want prospective business partners and colleagues to see? How could you make your LinkedIn profile work for you?

I’m putting together some great Five for Fridays for the new year. If you’ve got a suggestion, product or thought you’d like to share, email it to contribute(@) (Remove parenthesis)

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